Monday, September 29, 2008

What a Night at the Singapore GRAND PRIX!

My wife and I went to the SGP and it was quite a night.
We had some seats at the City Hall Grandstand and the spectator turnout was great - I guess about 90% of the seats here were taken.
No I did not pay for the tickets - my wife's company was indirectly involved with some business for the Grand Prix and so some free tickets were given.
My last experience with motor racing was more than 30 years ago at the Shah Alam GP but the cars today are so much more powerful and the sports more glamarous.
I have not been to such an event since as I get bored after the first few laps and I warned my wife it would be really noisy and hot.
But Singapore put on a really good show and apart from the $3 for a bottle of water, I have no complaints.
The most memorable event of the night was when the Ferrari team gave Massa the green light at the pit stop before the fuel hose was removed - could have been a major catastrophe if there had been a fire. He lost his lead and the race.
Well done to the organisers and I am sure it will become an even greater success when the IRs roll into town.

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