Friday, September 26, 2008

malaysiakini and the PM's WORK......

They say one becomes very focussed when given very bad news like "You have only 6 months left to live".
In a way, that is what happened to the Prime Minister at the UMNO Meeting when they basically forced him to commit to a deadline to hand over power.
If you read the interview from malaysiakini Q&A: You can go on guessing, says Pak Lah it seems the PM has decided not to be more open to Malaysians who supported his many reform initiatives but became disappointed when most of them petered out after some months.
Instead of using the powerful media to get everyone aboard the reforms, the PM chose to try and do it without engaging the public's support in his campaigns.

It is most disappointing when he brushes off a question with
"Everything has got to do with my work, when I am done with my work, then I am done".

Sorry, Mr PM when you give that kind of answer, no one except your loyal supporters will support your wish to carry on. Don't you realise Malaysia's economy is going to hit the rocks soon?

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