Saturday, September 20, 2008

malaysiakini Letter Shows GOVERNMENT Promotes Brain Drain at Taxpayers' Expense

I have written a few articles in my blog about how Malaysia is suffering from severe brain drain.
Even my 4 children who have been trained to degree level will probably never work in Malaysia for they all studied in Singapore.
This letter in malaysiakini shows that even the Malaysian authorities are encouraging the brain drain as the people in charge of scholarships do not bother to enforce the terms of the scholarships.
It is little wonder that in most general hospitals in Malaysia, the wait to see specialists is so long that some people joke that most likely the patient will die waiting to schedule an appointment. Of course if you know the proper "jalan", things can be speeded up.

The malaysiakini letter entitled They must be made to serve reveals that most scholarship holders do not plan to return for various reasons; the most significant of which is that the Malaysian authorities do nothing to bring them back.

I wonder why the Auditor-General's Annual Report does not state how many of these RM1million scholarship holders abscond each year with taxpayers' monies. I guess the amount drained should amount at least RM50m each year.


iammi said...

I read the article but can't help to wonder the reason he wrote that. Out of patriotism or just plain 'sakit hati' because, I presume, he's a private student having to pay through his/her (or his/her parent's) nose for the fee etc. I know, I paid for my son's medical study. I'm not defending those who decide to find greener pasture somewhere else, but people has to decide what's best for them. They should pay back, of cos.

H J Angus said...

thanks for visiting and yr comments.
No need to defend those who seek greener pastures as it is perfectly all right.
But scholarship holders shd not be allowed to break their bonds with impunity.
I think we shd not send any scholars abroad unless we can exert better control.
I guess we have something in common. We paid for our daughter's medical program - IMU and then Canada.