Monday, September 8, 2008

More from malaysiakini - Now ANYONE can be an AGRICULTURE EXPERT?

This of course refers to the planned "field trip" so that about 30 to 40 MPs can study the latest technology in agriculture according to the article in malaysiakini "Najib: It's just a field trip" .

The justification is that Malaysia now wants to increase food production in the 9MP and China and Taiwan have been chosen.
Closer home to Malaysia, Thailand is a major food producer but maybe the political message that can be learned over there may not be too conducive.
And "It would be a good opportunity to expose BBC members," though not necessarily restricted to agricultural practices!

Most observers will of course know that this trip is to prevent 916 the dreaded day when Anwar is planning to bring down the government by enticing MPs to crossover. Herding them abroad to avert 916 is akin to the old days when the end of the world was predicted and people used to hide in caves as if that would prevent disaster.
Though some feel that this is strictly not kosher, in order for Malaysia to get out of the political and economic doldrums it is a necessary inconvenience.

On a general note, surely it is not necessary to send all 40 MPs at once to the same places. Better to split them up and send perhaps teams of 4 to different countries where they can really learn how to improve government.

For example, Israel is a good place where the police have the b_lls to recommend that their PM Olmert be indicted for graft.

But seriously did you believe the so-called field trip is meant to improve Parliamentary debate? You're kidding surely!


Nostradamus said...

A Tribute to RPK For Your Dreams. (Suatu Penghormatan kepada RPK atas Impian Mu)

The latest news about RPK in Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today, that he would be detained under the ISA have moved me to dedicate this speech by one of the great Freedom Fighters in the world, Martin Luther King Jr. " I Have a Dream" to him.

(Berita terbaru tentang RPK di Malaysiakini dan Malaysia Today, bahawa beliau akan ditahan dibawah ISA telah mengharukan hati saya untuk mendedikasikan ucapan oleh seorang Pejuang Kebebasan Dunia, Martin Luther King Jr. bertajuk "Saya ada Impian" kepada beliau.)

Let us reminiscent over it at

(Marilah kita mengenangkan tentangnya di )

Getreal said...

I remember in 1977 at a seminar on agriculture I posed a question to a government officer why Malaysia sends her agriculture department officers to Taiwan to learn production techniques and farming systems that were obviousloy superior to that of Malaysia and yet the Malaysian government at that time did not recognise university degrees in agriculture from Taiwan universities.
The reply from the government officer was less than satisfactory and I was later informed that I had embarrassed the officer by my question.
Now the government does not only think that our politicians can learn much on agriculture from Taiwan but sees fit to send 50 of them there !!! Does it mean it takes 50 of these politicians' brains to assimilate what maybe two or three good agriculturists can learn? And why politicians and not agriculturists to study agriculture in a foreign country. Apart from not knowing how much these 50 politicians can learn about agriculture from the trip, how will they improve agriculture production in Malaysia when they come back?
Honestly, the government of Malaysia is making the country into the biggest laughing stock to the world.

PeterP said...

You're right getreal, agriculturists or farmers would have gained more from such a trip.

But no, they have to include that Bung-kum MP who so often leaks. It wouldn't surprise me if he proudly proclaims, on his return, that he had taught the Taiwanese how to produce bung-kom-post from his mouth. Thus it was a win-win situation for both countries.