Friday, September 26, 2008

malaysiakini and UMNO Secrecy....What's the Big Deal?

That's the problem these days....everyone wants instant news and no one knows how to keep secrets.
Just read this article from malaysiakini 'PM has set a new deadline' can you make an intelligent guess as to whether the PM is leaving before or after the last announced date of like June 2010?
Of course anyone who has been listening to the those braying for his scalp since the last election results in March know that the PM has had to face his worst enemies within his own party.
So his position as the President of UMNO seems to be ending soon and with it all he chance to make some positive reforms to Malaysia. No doubt he started many intiatives but most ended up with little long-term effects - the most glaring of which is the still-born IPCMC.

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