Saturday, September 20, 2008

malaysiakini Readers - No Change in Sentiments for CROSS-OVERS

The number has increased from 508 to 689 but the results are about the same.

My poll asked the question:
"What is Your Feeling about MPs Crossing Over?"

This was just before nation celebrated National Day and after Anwar had emerged victor in PP.
The question was framed slightly differently from a question posed a few months back after the March results as I wanted readers to just focus on cross-overs.

Thanks to the 689 readers who took the poll.

342(262*) or 50%(52%) chose "FANTASTIC - Too Many Years in Power and BN has LOST Touch with the PEOPLE"

168(113) or 24%(22%) chose "GOOD - the Nation Needs New LEADERSHIP

92(69) or 13%(14%) picked "OK - Must Ensure MPs Have Not been BRIBED"

81(60) or 12%(12%) picked "SAD - They Should Resign and let Voters Decide"

4(2)or 1%(0%) chose "BAD - The BN Should be given a Chance to REFORM"

2(2) or 0%(0%) chose "SAD - The BN has the MANDATE from the last elections"

(Strictly speaking the last 2 results should not be 0% but less than 1%)
It is interesting to note that those who were most unhappy were concerned more about bribery and the Voters Choice.
Most people do not believe the BN can reform.
(*) numbers within brackets are the results at the last date, about 2 weeks ago.

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