Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Malaysiakini and the Politics of CHANGE

So the die is cast and it seems the Agong's palace will set the final stage for PAKATAN'S attempt to take over power from the government.

According to this malaysiakini article, the PM rejects meeting with Anwar as he thinks that Anwar is bluffing.

It could be a strong case of denial as agreeing to meet Anwar would surely indicate that he has lost his confidence about his BN MPs.
It would be interesting to discover who decided to defect after the latest ISA arrests as I am sure that would have been the "tipping point" for a few MPs.
It cannot be denied that Anwar has been an excellent chess/poker player all rolled into one and unfortunately for the PM, his team have been scoring too many own goals.

Malaysia is going to enter a new era of change and let us hope that Anwar will be able to deliver at least 65% of all that he has promised.

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