Friday, September 19, 2008

malaysiakini Suggests No LOVE Left for BADAWI?

It must be a truly depressing feeling to know that your own colleagues have deserted you.
According to this malaysiakini article PM under pressure to quit by Oct 9 it appears the the most powerful man in Malaysia is now subject to the vagaries of fate.
Just imagine that they want him out even before Parliament is recalled.

Does the man not deserve a little respect? Even in Isreal they have just voted in a new leader for the Kadema party to replace the PM who had to resign because of corruption charges. The PM there has resigned but remains in a caretaker role for about 6 weeks while the new leader works out the coalition deals with other parties.

In Malaysia too, we have a situation that has some similarities - the leader of the main party is on the way out but no one knows for sure if the next person has the support of the majority of the MPs.

Maybe one way out for Badawi is to announce he will not stand for party elections and at least lead the BN into the next Parliamentary session. That would be the way to go with some dignity intact and not be subject to the dirty tactics of party politics.

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