Tuesday, October 16, 2012

malaysiakini's Speeding to Profits?

malaysiakini has this article entitled AES to reduce deaths, not reap profits. REALLY? If the motive is not greed and profit, the PDRM should do it themselves and enforce the speed limits - they also can use a graduated penalty and not slap a RM300 compound on ALL speeding motorists, regardless of speed or type of vehicle. For example if 15kph above limit fine RM100, if 25kph above limit, fine is RM200 etc. For buses and lorries that speed, the rates can be double those mentioned. The other action that can be taken after deducting costs is that the surplus can be used for accident research and improving bad highway stretches - even the EDL in JB is not well constructed with many poor sections; even for a highway that is hardly one year old!