Sunday, August 30, 2009

malaysiakini and Malaysia's Police FARCE

You can pardon the anger of many Malaysians at the manner in which the Polis DiRaja Malaysia apparently did not take any action but merely stood meekly by when 50 protesters made major international news with their bloody 'Cow head' demo makes it around the world according to the malaysiakini article.
Maybe it could encourage more tourists to come here as usually news about Malaysia hardly makes it to any main newspapers in Europe and the USA.
How should we pitch the sales line?
Maybe we could ask people to come and see how the police are "cowed" even though they have all the weapons of mass disorder and discord like tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets.
We definitely need the IPCMC urgently.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

malaysiakini and the SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT of the PDRM...

You would have read about the cowardly behaviour of the police when they decided not to take action against a group of illegal demonstrators who were allowed to deposit the head of a cow at entrance of the Selangor government office.
This malaysiakini article relates to aftermath Cops say sorry, promise prompt action after the furore the incident created.

There are 2 points that I would make:

1.The protest shows that a few Muslims are not tolerant of other religions and unfortunately it appears that the police are practising selective law enforcement.

2.The failure of the government to implement the IPCMC has made the PDRM even more ineffective.

The apology is rather pathetic. A police force must be seen to deal with all offenders on an equal basis or soon that police force becomes a ill-disciplined gang of thugs.
I would suggest that the Senior office in charge during the incident should be demoted as he failed to stop an incident that has raised religious passions.

Friday, August 28, 2009

malaysiakini on HOW MANY MINISTERS Does it TAKE....?

Many have already written about how the Malaysian Cabinet have become too large to be effective and this latest development may enter into the Guiness Book of World Records.
According to malaysiakini readers The man from MAS is certainly qualified to make a major contribution to getting things to work for Malaysia but will he be given the authority to do so?
Having to report to another minister seems rather strange but I suspect the Gerakan leader will be leaving within the next 3 months or Idris would not have moved so readily as he seemed to be doing a good job at MAS.
BN needs to work hard to keep together as the MCA is imploding or exploding - whichever you prefer and suddenly removing KSK will create problems on another front. A foreign posting perhaps?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Johor Baru ....A City of SHAMBLES and the Billion Ringgit CIQ

Sometimes I am not happy to be a resident of Johor Baru as the city has many extremes.
I'm not going to write a lot but will let the photos speak for themselves.
The first photo shows the grand entrance for pedestrians to the CIQ near City Square.
Instead of a nice welcome under the massive canopy, pedestrians have to walk on the busy road and risk being run over by the many buses that stop haphazardly. The CIQ has been opened for 6 months already and yet the access road has been blocked by barricades. Expect another 3 months before the road is finalised.

This photo is a sharp contrast to the area near the MBJB office that is about 5km away. The MBJB office area is in pristine condition with landscaped gardens and even water features but sadly this photo shows the neglect in other areas of the so-called city. This pedestrian crossing is along the Tebrau Highway, probably the busiest highway out of town towards Kota Tinggi. If you want to view the site, it is opposite the Public Bank at Wisma Daiman.
Notice the obstacle course before you can even get to the crossing. The broken improvised wooden pallet spans a large drain. Need I say more?

malaysiakini and REASONS for the PERMATANG PASIR VICTORY....

So the results in PP are in as reported in malaysiakini's article PAS retains Permatang Pasir.
The by-election shows that voters in Peninsular Malaysia are still very much against the BN even though it had a plethora of government ministers who took time off their busy schedule to canvass for votes.
No I should correct that...the ministers neglected their jobs to try and promote a disbarred lawyer who was the BN candidate.
What of the 700 reduction in majority? Well, that is how the Elections Commissions tries to help the BN by purposely setting the poll date on a working day so that some voters will not bother to go to the polls.

The reasons for the good results for PR?

1.PR parties are learning to work better together even though differences remain.
2.Voters want change and reject the BN parties.
3.BN government only talk but not walk change.
4.Teoh murder confirms BN government agencies cannot be trusted.
5.MY arrogance about MACC probe on helicopter rides.
6.BN candidate a sorry reflection of the integrity of BN leaders.

There is still a long road to victory for PR at the next General Elections. The next 12 to 18 months will be crucial for both sides of the great Malaysian divide. Let us hope that both BN and PR can improve for the greater benefit of all Malaysians.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

malaysiakini and the PROBLEM with MACC CREDIBILITY...

So the PDRM have not been able to verify the contents of the unsigned letter by MACC officers but to most normal folks, very few expect the police to point the finger at the MACC as the latter have the power to point back at them.
Such is the situation as far as CREDIBILITY of government institutions is concerned.
You can read a selection of citizens' views on the MACC letter in the malaysiakini article headed Not just another poison-pen letter.
So it is not me with a poor impression of the proceedings - maybe malaysiakini is also a little biased; but not a single writer has expressed much faith in the goings-on.
What of the 5 oversight committees with 42 prominent members? It appears that they are prominent by their absence in the murder of Teoh Beng Huat. A body like the MACC should have only one oversight board like a Board of Directors in a company and they must have the authority to take action and not be dependent on instructions like from the PM.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This interesting malaysiakini article describes how the Whistle-blower's letter puts MACC on trial but I suggest that it is the very essence of government that is laid bare before our eyes.
So what are the 3 deadly sins of the government?

I suggest these 3 and you can probably add a few more:

The pattern is all too familiar.

First everyone will deny that something has gone wrong.
Next, the required action is delayed for as long as possible with a few ministers engaging in a rear-guard action while the mess is made more presentable with the masters of spin.
Then, they take a few minor actions that somehow make the original crime less heinous.

Just take the Royal Commission on the Police that recommended the IPCMC and you can easily study what has happened.Both Kugan and Teoh must have wondered if they could have survived if indeed Malaysians had fought stronger for the IPCMC.

That was followed by the Commission on the Lingam tapes and the Attorney-General has probably put all the files in the NFA section.

Now we all follow the inquest, praying that the government will do the right thing and do it the righteous way but many are not holding their breath as indeed the web of corruption and evil of corrupted officials is so interlinked that it is possibly harder to unravel than the Gordian Knot that confronted Alexander the Great.

So dear fellow Malaysian, if you truly want justice for Kugan, Teoh and numerous others, you really need to ponder your own "D" actions.
In the next General Election, even if you have been a "passive BN" supporter for many years, you have to make a DELIBERATE and DETERMINED effort to vote against the BN as that will end the 3 DEADLY SINS.

That is the only way Malaysians can untangle the 3 DEADLY SINS.

picture: thanks to

Friday, August 21, 2009

malaysiakini and the LATERAL THINKING of the DPM

If you have been pondering lately as to why Malaysia has seen so little progress beyond high crime rates and massive traffic jams, you should study the public pronouncements of the senior leaders of the BN.
In the past few days, the DPM comes up for special mention on account of the following incidents:

1.When pressed for comments on his abuse of government helicopters to visit UMNO divisions in East Malaysia, he indicated that he was not scared of any corruption probe. Is the MACC scared to probe the misuse of the RMAF helicopters?

2.When asked about the disbarred lawyer BN candidate for the Permatang Pasir by-election, he dismisses the Disciplinary Board's action after a CBT case as like "a parking ticket" for which the compound has been settled.

3.The latest example is mentioned in the malaysiakini article headed Better for PKFZ dispute to be resolved 'amicably' and the article describes how the DPM feels quarrelling in the open would not only affect BN chances in the Permatang Pasir by-election but also mar the image of the government.

I suggest the government's image was already in the pits before the helicopter took off. Now how in heaven's name can we approve this type of person to be occupying the seat just one step below the nation's top leader?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

malaysiakini and the TEOH Inquest - A STARTLING REVELATION?

You would have read about the latest development from malaysiakini about how the Letter reveals top MACC man, politician collusion.
This is indeed a startling development and shows that we cannot condemn all the staff and officers of any enforcement agency like the MACC and the PDRM. However if the rot is very near the top, many sections can be compromised.
The letter appears authentic as many details described can only be known to those with inside information.

So it is time that the Home Minister takes a more proactive role in resolving these important matters. Trying to destabilise a duly elected state government using a federal agency is truly a very serious offence.
It would also be good for the honourable MPs to raise this matter in the next Parliamentary session.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

malaysiakini with an ASTONISHING Claim on the PKFZ FIASCO...

Can you believe this malaysiakini story?
PKA over-trusted PKFZ, says PAC as if the PKA Board is made up of some idiotic directors who do not know anything about the multi-billion ringgit project.
Either that or the PAC is trying to white-wash the whole affair as after all it is only taxpayers' monies.
I am sure all those directors would have attended the RoC course on the roles of directors and earned generous directors fees and other perks.
If a building is made with minor defects that may be attributed to poor site supervision but when millions are paid with dubious claims it can only be caused by gross negligence or collusion.
Let's hope the MACC will produce some positive results and put some of the top executives where they truly deserve to be - behind bars.

malaysiakini and Another "Doctored" DOCTOR...

I guess many people have read the Steven Covey's teaching on "begin with the end in sight" and to my mind both the pathologists in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest have been misdirected.
The first guy is a real disgrace to any profession and the second guy, a foreign national, is somewhat better as he provided more technical arguments.
Unfortunately in this malaysiakini article headed Teoh not assaulted before death, says doc , he also arrives that suicide is the probable cause of Teoh's death and that Teoh was not beaten before he was forced out the window. I suggest that his testimony is accurate only up to the point that Teoh was squatting on the window sill. His conclusion as to the reason for the fall is either a wild speculation or a "directed" opinion.
Fortunately we do have competent lawyers like Gobind Singh and Malik Imtiaz to ensure that some justice is done for the unfortunate Teoh.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

malaysiakini and a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR?

If you have been following the developments in the Teoh Beng Hock inquest you can be excused if you are a little confused at the revelations of the pathologist who appears to be inconsistent in his so-called expert testimony.
I just wonder how he became a forensics professional when his initial speculations that Teoh jumped out the window without leaving any traces was his main theory.
Maybe I should change "theory" to "wild imagination".
His testimony and change of heart is akin to a small kid who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and now must face the music.
You can read about his next best speculation in the malaysiakini article headed 'Teoh could have been injured before fall' .
I suggest the quickest way to solve the Teoh murder is for the authorities to engage an expert from the USA or the UK to conduct lie detector tests on all the MACC officers on duty on the day Teoh died and also include this pathologist for trying to avoid the unpleasant findings.
Are lie detector tests admissible for use in our courts? Maybe not, but it could help solve a murder that has really painted the MACC the darkest shade of black.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

malaysiakini and ACCOUNTING for PLANE RIDES...

Just as the nation is watching the dramatic revelations regarding the MCA leader's plane rides, another BN leader also gets into the spot-light with a helicopter ride.
According to the malaysiakini article Muhyiddin in heli dramabad weather forced the Nuri helicopter to make an emergency landing.
You can also read a full account here.

According to the story, the following facts can be ascertained:

The DPM had to "cancel his scheduled opening of the Penampang Umno division meeting" and the "entourage took off at about 1.45pm from Kudat after officially opening the Umno division meeting".

There were 10 other passengers with the DPM and the helicopter is described as "a Royal Malaysian Air Force Nuri helicopter".

Pardon my disbelief but what has the Armed Forces got to do with opening UMNO division meetings?
Furthermore why is the DPM using public facilities to actively participate in political matters?
Also did he take annual leave for such functions?

Is the TUDM being repaid for such services or this the type of corrupt practices that the MACC is complaining about? If you read the comments in the malaysiakini article, you will notice that most readers are quite disgusted with this practice and also the unwillingness of the MACC to take action. But of course UMNO may pay for the helicopter rides. It would be good for the TUDM to clarify as otherwise it seems the DPM is abusing his position.

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malaysiakini and the PROBLEM with the MACC

So some folks in the MACC are not happy that the public have such a low opinion of the commission.
Even to the extent that a senior officer has vented his frustration in the media.
To be sure, a body like the MACC will encounter great resistance when corruption is rampant and it is not uncommon for powerful figures to obstruct and even jeopardise efforts to unveil their evil misdeeds.
The Teoh Beng Hock case has certainly put the MACC at its lowest as far as the public perceives their crime-busting role.
Just read the public's response in this malaysiakini report on the reported RM10mil payment to a minister. Ong vs Tiong - full-scale inquiry needed.
Yes a freeze of some kind is needed for the MACC actions; particularly as its very integrity is in question with the mystery surrounding Teoh's death.
Maybe the MACC needs a clean bill of health that can be achieved with another Royal Commission and then after that it really needs a control mechanism like the IPCMC.
Only then will the MACC be able to operate like a true upholder of the laws and only then will the public have full confidence in its operations and the efforts of its loyal officers.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The WRONG Approach to CUTTING QUEUES at Tolled Highways

To share some history on my writing, tolls were one of my earlier rants when I wrote to newspapers in the 70s.
Today's article in the Star caught my attention as the toll operators are told to Cut queuing time from "40 minutes to to less than 15 minutes."

That is a good idea to reduce the burden of motorists but I think the entire approach is wrong as I think the government should take the load and move all the toll companies towards a seamless toll collection system.
This is nothing new and has proved effective for more than 10 years as the Singapore model that has been in operation even before 1998.
You can read a brief of their experience here.
The Malaysian Highway Authority can be tasked to complete this type of project within 3 years and even earn some income for the government by charging say 5 to 10%of revenue collected for installing the gantries and accounting for all the monies to the toll companies.

It will probably also result in more accurate accounting of revenues for the companies. PLUS could also be the lead manager, subject to proper controls.
This is something that can be achieved without much hassle and no further need to develop systems that really do not benefit the motorists.

This is the FAVOURITE SONG of the PATHOLOGIST in the TEOH BENG HOCK Inquest....

No finger prints, no shoe marks etc on the window and yet he drew the conclusion that the victim committed suicide.

Bianca Ryan won the America's Got Talent 2007 when she was 11 years old.

Friday, August 14, 2009

malaysiakini and a LESSON in ENGLISH?

I sometimes send an email entitled "Error for today" to malaysiakini if I spot any language errors.
So you need to take this story with tongue in cheek.
According to the malaysiakini article Doc: Not homicide or accident, more a suicide is being suggested for the TBH inquest.

Now I know that the standard of English is rather poor for many Malaysians such as the Utusan reporter who claimed that "ultra vires" means "to insult".
Can we explore this type of logic further and equate "pathologist" as a person who lies with the airs of an expert?
So we can derive the term "pathological liar".

My PRAYER for Hari Kebangsaan 2009

The ongoings at the TEOH BENG HOCK inquest shows the sorry state of affairs in both the police and the MACC that is supposed to be the highly qualified commission to combat corruption in Malaysia.

Based on information published in the MSM, the following is reported:

1.They did not find Teoh's handphone, wallet or car keys on the body.
2.No records were made of the interview with the deceased witness.
3.No records were kept of all persons who entered or left the building in the relevant time frame.
4.Officers were told to investigate based only on the premise of suicide or accident.
5.Forensic experts were also briefed on what to investigate.

Now we have a forensics expert who suggests Teoh could have died while opening the window.
What next? Maybe a bomoh will be able to testify that Wisma Masalam is haunted and Teoh was lured to the window and then thought he could fly with the ghost?

My prayer for Hari Kebangsaan?

Let us pray that our beloved nation Malaysia will be free from evil men and help us grow in love and understanding of our fellow citizens. Let our leaders see the error of their ways and make amends before the wrath of God strikes them. Show them that they are nothing compared to your GREATNESS and that all power comes from YOU. Grant the good people of Malaysia the POWER to change Malaysia for your greater glory. Amen.

malaysiakini EXPECTS TOO MUCH from the MACC?

The malaysiakini headline is rather flattering and begs the question PKFZ - when will MACC spring to action? as if the MACC is highly compressed like a powerful spring ready to pounce on major corruption cases.
Unfortunately the MACC is not totally independent or credible as it reports to the PM and is now embroiled in the TEOH case that really places a major question mark on its very existence as far as public perception is concerned.

The inquest has really showed major weaknesses in both the MACC and the PDRM that is investigating the case as it seems both enforcement bodies take instructions from political masters.
Having a body discovered on one's premises is hardly a good thing to instill public trust and goodwill.

Meanwhile as we approach yet another Hari Kebangsaan with the usual flag-waving ceremonies, here is a piece I wrote in November 2005 entitled "Fixing Malaysia's Broken Systems" that you can reflect on.
Yesterday at about 12:15pm, a car marked "POLIS" blatantly sped through a red light along Jalan Tebrau opposite the Public Bank. It was not the usual white police car but an all-grey Proton and looked quite new. Unfortunately I could not catch the number. There was no siren and just that the driver did not want to stop at a traffic light that turned red.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

malaysiakini and TRULY AMAZING Stories from Malaysia

I don't know when we had such amazing stories happening within such a short time frame.
We really can offer a plethora of styles for any aspiring film makers to combine all the different but truly amazing stories. Maybe a really good movie-maker can help Malaysia win its first Oscar next year. Shall we get that Information Minister to organise that since his proposal to censor the Internet got shut down?

Just look at the possible sub-plots for the Malaysia FLIP-FLOP movie:
Based on the articles in malaysiakini:

1.EXPOSED: 'RM10 mil for MCA boss' in which lots of cash changed hands in return for favours.
2.Ex-TI chief savages MACC as a political tool as the MACC conducted a secret poll among its advisors. I wonder how the "secret" got leaked?
3.'Teoh could have been dragged' is reported from the ongoing inquest.

Then we must also include some dramatic relief in the form of the Utusan Malaysia reporter who believed that "ultra vires" meant "insulting" and he based an article accusing Karpal Singh of sedition based on his ignorance. Surprisingly the Attorney-General's office considered the newspaper article sufficient grounds to charge KS with sedition. Talk about getting egg on one's face.
We can also include the MACC leadership where there was no record of the interview done with Teoh. Just imagine that! And we thought that only immigration records can be erased.

So stay tuned, folks. I have a feeling the sub-plots are still not complete and there may be a few more surprises in store. Any suggestion for the Malaysia FLIP-FLOP movie title?

malaysiakini LETs the CAT Out of the BAG in PKFZ Scandal....

Maybe Malaysia can claim its place in the Guiness Book of World Records for the ongoing scandals that we read about each beautiful day.
The latest one is on the PKFZ mega-project that has sucked up more than RM2bil in cost overruns and only now is the subject of various investigations.
That only shows how rich our nation is when a government-sponsored project can double in costs and corrective action comes only after 2 years.

More startling is the claim of the project company in claiming that 'RM10 mil for MCA boss' was paid as a party donation. It definitely seems like a conflict of interest situation when the Minister in charge also issued those "letters of comfort" to enable the company to raise funds worth billions of ringgit.
Now this is a more worthwhile case for the MACC to investigate but seeing how they do not even keep basic records in the HQ, it will be difficult for them to nail another corruption case so soon after the Kasitah Gaddam affair, where the case was thrown out without even calling for the defence.
Is the AG's office also so ineffective like the MACC?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Just to lighten your day. ENJOY and take a minute to smell the roses.

malaysiakini REPORTS a SECRET POLL on its OWN ADVISORS....What's NEXT?

For a start let me say that the manner in which the MACC is supposed to be controlled does not meet with my agreement.
Of course that's only me and the authorities don't really care what I think. If you think about it, they also don't really care about what you think - they prefer that you do not think as that might cause headaches with so many issues confronting the nation.
The MACC should be controlled via a properly structured body akin to the IPCMC if it is to gain any public support in the battle against corruption.
According to the malaysiakini article there was a Secret poll on MACC advisors causes ruckus after the recent Teoh Beng Hock death that is being investigated.
It seems that some advisors are not happy with the MACC and thus the secret poll to gauge the views of the other advisors.
I wonder what can happen next? The MACC investigates those advisors that they are not happy with for corruption or other misdeeds?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

malaysiakini and a DEAD END....the TEOH BENG HOCK Murder(?)

It seems that the inquest will not be able to determine for sure the cause of Teoh's death and the testimony of so-called expert witness appears to be not that convincing.
The malaysiakini article 'Death caused by injuries from fall' precludes the idea that he was dead before the body was disposed by persons unknown.
I just wonder what is the track record of local pathologists to solve such politically charged deaths.
I mean one can conclude that a deceased died by drinking poison but does that mean it was done willingly?
For Teoh's death, the broken belt and the torn pants suggest force was he was being dangled outside the window and the materials failed. But the most important question is
"What was the time of his death?"

I would also check further into the security company's records as to why and how they stopped recording the names of the people who entered the building. I have a strong suspicion that the security company boss/staff has possible links with the police or the mobs and that is how the security breach occurred.
Let us hope the RCI will adopt a more open approach to Teoh's death rather than simply investigate as if it is a definite suicide or accident.

A SIMPLE Plan CAN Improve JB's CIQ....

You would have heard the usual complaints of Malaysia's top leaders....
"first world infrastructure and third world mentality".
I have a beef about the first part of the phrase but let's not go there today as I want to just relate how some basic and elementary foresight can help ease the CIQ woes.
We left our home in JB at about 1:40am to avoid the earlier jam after taking a view at the camera of the Causeway -- the diamond stretch was missing with just a few scattered headlights indicating that the jam was over.
We were able to drive along JB's mostly deserted roads untill the first set of traffic lights just before the CIQ complex.
Then we had 2 lanes at the traffic lights converge on a single lane for cars and a mixed lane for cars/buses. After the second set of traffic lights, the cars had to merge into a single lane for about 200 meters and then just before the CIQ, the lane expanded into three major queues that fed the immigration booths.
I don't know if the officer in charge of operations had a quirky sense of humour or if he failed in common sense but after about 100meters of the 3 major queues forming, 2 lanes were blocked off and all the cars had to re-merge into the central queue.
I then thought that most of the booths were closed but NO, there were at least 8 booths operating. This means that the 3 queues could have been allocated with 3:3:2 booths and reduce the hassle and inconvenience for motorists.
I really wonder what is the real reason for such poor planning at the JB CIQ. Maybe the product of Malaysia's poor education system?


with the GREAT CAUSEWAY JAM. From the photo, it looks like a chain of sparkling diamonds stretched beside the railway tracks on the right hand side.
It is a happening without fail whenever there is a long weekend in Singapore.
Especially during the Singapore National Day Holidays that produces a long week-end, thousands of Singaporeans will make their way into Malaysia as the exchange rate is almost 2.40 to 1.
It means the malls and restaurants and hotels will be packed with hordes of Singaporeans chirping, "Cheap, cheap, cheap."
That photo is copied from this site that shows the traffic camera on the Causeway. This shot was copied at 0:30am and I don't expect the traffic to ease untill at least 2:00am.
My wife and I had left our home at about 6:30pm as we thought the traffic would not be too bad to get back to Singapore but once we turned left from the Tebrau Highway to approach the JB CIQ, we knew the jam was going to be horrendous. The entire stretch of about 2km before the JB CIQ was already jammed and we decided to return home by making another left turn further up and go via the Serene Park area.
JB this evening was turned into traffic chaos as some motorists were shocked at the terrible jams.
But I don't believe building that CROOKED BRIDGE will solve the traffic woes between JB and Singapore; maybe just reduce the risk of accidents on those hairpin bends on the JB side.

Photo: Taken from

Monday, August 10, 2009

malaysiakini and the FLIP-FLOPPING Education Minister...

malaysiakini tells the story of how the DPM has had to apologise over the gaffe of the Education Ministry in barring parents from holding a meeting to discuss the great "flip-flop" in the Education policy on PPSMI.
Of course the Ministry now talks about the "soft-landing" approach.The malaysiakini article now reports Science & Maths: Students can continue in English.
I don't know what benefit can be achieved with a 5-day official visit to Perth to arrest the horrific decline in our education standards where thousands of unemployable graduates are churned out each year. Of course some people will receive some air-miles credit. It should be interesting to discover how the rationale for such study visits are developed.
To me the problem is found much closer to home and not the wild outbacks of Australia. Based on the behaviour of the officials who decided to shut the school on concerned parents, the problems in education are in the Minister's front garden.

Graphics: This is not based on any study but the writer's own perception on the urban-rural divide.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

malaysiakini SUGGESTS ministry of education TREATS PARENTS and TEACHERS Like KIDS!

Yes I purposely put the MoE is small letters as according to this malaysiakini article ,Language switch: Gov't bars parents-teachers meet , some small-minded people in the ministry have barred a PTA meeting to discuss the great FLIP-FLOP on the use of English in schools.

Just imagine that!
The PTA is recognised as an important body that enables both teachers and parents to work in a cooperative framework for the benefit of the school children and here we can have government officials imposing this type of ban as if they are going to hold an anti-ISA demonstration.

It really shows that the authorities are not able to put forth any convincing arguments for their incredulous decisions and just want to show their authority. It is time that the power to make such important decisions is given back to schools and not left in the hands of authoritative mandarins.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

malaysiakini and the ISA PROTEST.....Al JAZEERA Does A BETTER JOB than LOCAL NETWORKS

malaysiakini has this story about how some Groups to sue anti-ISA rally organisersand it would be interesting to see how much the lawyers are going to make from the cases but the more interesting story is from AL JAZEERA, the Arabic news network.

WHY are local stations so sterile when it comes to important issues?
They have allowed themselves to be scooped by Al Jazeera.
We seldom see serious topics on local networks except government propoganda.
WELL DONE, Fauziah Ibrahim our Malaysian AJ TV personality who puts more experienced moderators to shame!

Maybe her charm and beauty disarmed the guys?

If you missed this on EAST101, do spend some time to listen and form your own opinion. The most salient point I heard is that SUHAKAM made recommendations as far back as 2004 to amend the ISA.

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, August 7, 2009

malaysiakini and THE INQUEST plus BANNING the Sale of ALCOHOL

Based on media coverage, it appears the clamour to ban alcohol is gaining more notoriety than the inquest on TEOH's death at the MACC offices.
This is a good letter in malaysiakini on Alcohol ban: Let's have sober decisions as it presents a balanced view but it will get more acceptance if the writer were a Muslim.

Given that most matters in Malaysia are seriously coloured by race, I wonder if public anger against the MACC and the PDRM would be more had Teoh been an Ahmad. If you study the way in which the so-called experts were directed by the police, you will notice that it was the police who told the experts exactly what tests should be conducted.
Is that not strange when you call in an expert for help? It is as good as directing,
"you can find out anything as long as ---- is not implicated."
I find that most disturbing as the truth is being hidden.

When Malaysians are not allowed to learn the truth about what goes on in the PDRM and the MACC, we cannot hope to progress as a nation. That is why I keep harping for the IPCMC at the risk of sounding like a broken record.
So if you have not taken the poll on the inquest, please take a minute to do so. Thanks for voting.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

malaysiakini and STREET PROTESTS .... the AFTERMATH

malaysiakini has this interesting article Street protests: It's all your fault, gov't told.
That is the response of the MTUC, the largest trade union umbrella in Malaysia aside from CUEPACS, the union for civil servants.

According to the article,

"The umbrella body for trade unions today threw its weight behind street demonstrations by stating that the government was never interested in any forms of feedbacks given by the civil societies."

Is that not a heavy criticism of how the so-called caring government has behaved with respect to the ISA? Even SUHAKAM has condemned the use of tear gas and water cannon on peaceful protesters.

There has been a lot of talk about the comprehensive review of the Act and of course that takes time.
What is urgently needed NOW is to follow some strict rules and procedures so that no one is abused under the ISA and ensuring those who abuse the enforcement are subject to srtict penalties. Thus far, we have only a loud silence about how the Home Minister is proceeding on the ISA review.
Of course we need time to amend the laws but meanwhile some fire-fighting measures should be in effect.

Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia) - a MISNAMED FUND?

This latest investment fund could be a misnomer unless it is to describe all the woes inflicted on the public who have to endure the long queues at banks and post offices.
PNB have been managing funds for decades but it seems their application process still meets the criteria of the Dinosaurian era.
Just imagine thousands of citizens having to rush to post offices and the like, creating parking chaos and traffic jams just to put in a form and pay up a few thousand ringgit.
I expect there would have been a few muggings of investors who had to make cash withdrawals from ATMs.
Even Malaysian banks have been discriminated against as only 3 banks are mentioned. What about the other banks?
Maybe PNB do not know about the ability of all banks to do electronic funds transfer but I doubt it. If the archaic process of physical application indicates the fund manager's investing acumen, I will not apply for such units.
With ICT nowadays, applying for such funds can be easily done via all banks' electronic banking facilities with no need for physical queues. PNB can easily provide the banks the required conditions of the sale and all you need to do is perhaps log in and click a maximum of 5 times.
Maybe PNB wants Malaysians to mingle in those queues and then bitch about their application process?

photo: Thanks to the Star

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

malaysiakini REPORTS on UTUSAN'S KERIS-RATTLING Article....

It looks as if UTUSAN MELAYU is determined to bury UMNO in the next elections with an article that will definitely stoke racial tensions.
According to the malaysiakini article 'Malays, don't be cowards': Utusan strikes again the article claims that "greater political and administrative powers" is "not justice and democracy" as if the four sujects are mutually exclusive.
It also claims that "the Malay political power held by Umno since independence must be destroyed. This can be achieved when PAS and Anwar Ibrahim support DAP."

I guess many people are wondering why the Malays have entrusted UMNO for so many years when it appears that their experiment in social engineering has met with limited success for the majority of Malays but unparalleled wealth for a few hundred BN cronies who want the trusting Malays to let them keep feeding at the national coffers.

My advice to all Malays is:
Search in your soul if what you see in Malaysia is the work of a fair and just government:
1.Leaders with unlimited wealth and power.
2.Innocent citizens being held and even killed while in custody.
3.Tens of thousands still living in slums.

If you think that UMNO has not been giving you a fair deal, don't you think it is time to remove their stranglehold on your lives?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

malaysiakini and the ISA Debate....

After the Saturday chaos in KL caused by the aggressive behaviour of the police on a peaceful demonstration by Malaysians, there are the different views on how Malaysia should tackle such matters.
From the extreme 'Arrest Pakatan top trio under ISA' in malaysiakini coming from a lawyer who probably seeks some prominent title to the more common reaction of 'Police protect gov't, not citizens' as people were even being arrested for owning/wearing "anti-ISA" tee-shirts. Since when did a fashion choice become an offence?
If you look at what happens in HongKong, you can see that even China allows more freedom of expression than Malaysia.
Over there, peaceful demonstrations are held regularly over the election reforms and the police do a really professional job to maintain law and order; allowing the demonstrators to walk along designated roads.
Over here, there are the usual road blocks that create massive traffic jams for everyone and then the usual cocktail of tear gas and water cannon.
Hopefully the authorities can learn from the HK police on how they minimise the chaos - after all they did fashion the MACC after the HK model, right?

Monday, August 3, 2009

malaysiakini and How Do WE Discuss the ISA?

malaysiakini has the responses of some readers on the ISA with the free article Don't expect Umno to abolish ISA and in the sorry aftermath of the Saturday demo in KL, I think all caring Malaysians should consider how we can discuss the ISA without street confrontations.

First of all, the police officers were doing their duty and following orders and apart from a few officers who used excessive force on those they arrested, most of them did a reasonably professional amd thankless task; that is from the public's perspective.
Of course without the IPCMC, the public has little recourse for complaints to the government which adamantly clings to the "they broke the law, and therefore have to face the music" manuscript. If you watch the Home Minister on TV, it shows bitter frustration and that "don't know how to lead" look except the same old mantra "You must apply for the police permit."
That legal requirement is justified even though the ISA is an unjust law and even the government has promised(?) to review the draconian provisions that have enabled abuses of the law to go unpunished.
Perhaps if they want lawmakers to help review the law, they should release R Sivarasa, the eminent human rights lawyer to offer suggestions instead of detaining him without charge. Given that he is also a lead counsel for Anwar's sodomy case, some conspiracy theorists may conclude there may be a darker objective than just a street protest.
In an apparent move to divert public anger, the government now says it is willing to offer public stadiums for such gatherings.
Now why didn't they think of that long ago? I hope both sides realise that street protests harm both sides' credibility and also the lives of innocent people like the folks in KL who were subjected to huge traffic jams as if KL traffic is not bad enough.
I have a suggestion for both sides to consider:
Let's have a public debate on the ISA with the following format:

1.5 Speakers on each side to debate the motion "Should the ISA Be Reviewed or Abolished? How and Why?"
2.There will be a panel of perhaps 5 eminent judges who will discuss the merits/demerits of each speaker's arguments.
3.An online poll will allow viewers to cast their votes.
4.Debate will be broadcast on Bernama news and RTM1, RTM2 and TV3.

The online poll will allow viewers to select the best speaker and also the speaker who presented the best arguments to abolish or review the ISA.
Let's move towards a more intelligent method to gauge public support/disgust of the ISA and let more Malaysians express their views.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

malaysiakini and How the 1MALAYSIA Concept Works.....

The Information Minister tried to explain recently that the 1Malaysia campaign for which millions of ringgit are being spent is not equal to the "Malaysian Malaysia" idea that got Singapore kicked out of the federation but he did precious little to clarify his thoughts.
Yesterday thousands of brave Malaysians confronted the armed might of the BN government in an unequal battle of unarmed civilians against water cannon and tear gas.
You can see how the 1Malaysia concept works as shown in these pictures from malaysiakini here.
You know what? I think the people's fight for justice won a significant round against a callous government that is simply playing for time.
Let's give them at least 4 years to reflect when we relegate them to the Opposition in the next General Elections.
SYABAS to the brave citizens of Malaysia!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

malaysiakini and the "I SUPPRESS ALL" Law

Today a huge anti-ISA demo is being planned for KL and of course the police have taken the usual precautions of blocking all the roads that lead to KL, in a futile attempt to frustrate the demonstrators.
According to this malaysiakini article, Najib: ISA rallies pointless, the PM's take is that such rallies serve no purpose as it seems "the government is already in the process of reviewing the security law".
Too bad they did not include the ISA in their much vaunted KRAs as those who were innocent victims of this draconian law have lost patience with the leaders in power.
After all it is not a new government that is reviewing the ISA but one that has been in power since independence more than 50 years ago.
However in order not to just criticise without offering some suggestions this is what I wrote in Lim Kit Siang's blog.

The ISA in the hands of callous leaders has become a “I SUPPRESS ALL” piece of legislation and the government has taken too long to make amends – even the last PM recently voiced his support to amend the ISA quickly.

To me the ISA may be necessary in the age of global terrorism but the following clauses could be added:

1.Any abuse of this authority under the law by any minister or police officer as determined by the court will be subject to the prescribed penalties.
2.No detainee will be subjected to torture or unlawful means to extract information.
3.Maximun period for detention will be 30 days, after which only a court can extend the period for another 30 days with adequate grounds.
4.Detaineee must be allowed to seek legal counsel within 3 days of being held.
5.A family member or relative will be allowed to visit detainee within 24 hours of detention for perhaps 2 hours each day.

Of course such details will not make the ISA perfect but I am sure with more checks and balances, it could improve the overall piece of legislature. At the moment it has become an unjust law in the hands of unjust men.

If you have views on the ISA or any other bad laws, why don't you write a letter to your MP and ask him/her to take some action?

photo: thanks to the Star