Sunday, August 23, 2009


This interesting malaysiakini article describes how the Whistle-blower's letter puts MACC on trial but I suggest that it is the very essence of government that is laid bare before our eyes.
So what are the 3 deadly sins of the government?

I suggest these 3 and you can probably add a few more:

The pattern is all too familiar.

First everyone will deny that something has gone wrong.
Next, the required action is delayed for as long as possible with a few ministers engaging in a rear-guard action while the mess is made more presentable with the masters of spin.
Then, they take a few minor actions that somehow make the original crime less heinous.

Just take the Royal Commission on the Police that recommended the IPCMC and you can easily study what has happened.Both Kugan and Teoh must have wondered if they could have survived if indeed Malaysians had fought stronger for the IPCMC.

That was followed by the Commission on the Lingam tapes and the Attorney-General has probably put all the files in the NFA section.

Now we all follow the inquest, praying that the government will do the right thing and do it the righteous way but many are not holding their breath as indeed the web of corruption and evil of corrupted officials is so interlinked that it is possibly harder to unravel than the Gordian Knot that confronted Alexander the Great.

So dear fellow Malaysian, if you truly want justice for Kugan, Teoh and numerous others, you really need to ponder your own "D" actions.
In the next General Election, even if you have been a "passive BN" supporter for many years, you have to make a DELIBERATE and DETERMINED effort to vote against the BN as that will end the 3 DEADLY SINS.

That is the only way Malaysians can untangle the 3 DEADLY SINS.

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