Thursday, August 20, 2009

malaysiakini and the TEOH Inquest - A STARTLING REVELATION?

You would have read about the latest development from malaysiakini about how the Letter reveals top MACC man, politician collusion.
This is indeed a startling development and shows that we cannot condemn all the staff and officers of any enforcement agency like the MACC and the PDRM. However if the rot is very near the top, many sections can be compromised.
The letter appears authentic as many details described can only be known to those with inside information.

So it is time that the Home Minister takes a more proactive role in resolving these important matters. Trying to destabilise a duly elected state government using a federal agency is truly a very serious offence.
It would also be good for the honourable MPs to raise this matter in the next Parliamentary session.

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