Monday, August 10, 2009

malaysiakini and the FLIP-FLOPPING Education Minister...

malaysiakini tells the story of how the DPM has had to apologise over the gaffe of the Education Ministry in barring parents from holding a meeting to discuss the great "flip-flop" in the Education policy on PPSMI.
Of course the Ministry now talks about the "soft-landing" approach.The malaysiakini article now reports Science & Maths: Students can continue in English.
I don't know what benefit can be achieved with a 5-day official visit to Perth to arrest the horrific decline in our education standards where thousands of unemployable graduates are churned out each year. Of course some people will receive some air-miles credit. It should be interesting to discover how the rationale for such study visits are developed.
To me the problem is found much closer to home and not the wild outbacks of Australia. Based on the behaviour of the officials who decided to shut the school on concerned parents, the problems in education are in the Minister's front garden.

Graphics: This is not based on any study but the writer's own perception on the urban-rural divide.

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