Friday, August 14, 2009

My PRAYER for Hari Kebangsaan 2009

The ongoings at the TEOH BENG HOCK inquest shows the sorry state of affairs in both the police and the MACC that is supposed to be the highly qualified commission to combat corruption in Malaysia.

Based on information published in the MSM, the following is reported:

1.They did not find Teoh's handphone, wallet or car keys on the body.
2.No records were made of the interview with the deceased witness.
3.No records were kept of all persons who entered or left the building in the relevant time frame.
4.Officers were told to investigate based only on the premise of suicide or accident.
5.Forensic experts were also briefed on what to investigate.

Now we have a forensics expert who suggests Teoh could have died while opening the window.
What next? Maybe a bomoh will be able to testify that Wisma Masalam is haunted and Teoh was lured to the window and then thought he could fly with the ghost?

My prayer for Hari Kebangsaan?

Let us pray that our beloved nation Malaysia will be free from evil men and help us grow in love and understanding of our fellow citizens. Let our leaders see the error of their ways and make amends before the wrath of God strikes them. Show them that they are nothing compared to your GREATNESS and that all power comes from YOU. Grant the good people of Malaysia the POWER to change Malaysia for your greater glory. Amen.