Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gullible Malaysians-Should We Feel Sorry for Them?

This is an interesting news article about gullible Malaysians and how they are so easily manipulated via various means including religion.
You can read the story here.
Now if one takes the logic of this story to its ultimate conclusion, there should be two types of currency issued by the Malaysian government - "haram" money and "halal" money and the former cannot be used for religious purposes like building mosques and helping Muslims through welfare and other aid programs.
The saddest part of this story is that we have community leaders who use their influence to persuade the gullible folks to part with the little aid that they were awarded.
Meanwhile you can be sure that many such people are enjoying their wealth whether derived from haram activities or not.
Maybe someone should tell those Muslim directors to resign their directors' posts in gaming and other haram companies.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I Think of the GTP and ETP? Or Chappati in the SKY?

The basic idea behind this obsession with Vision2020 when Malaysia is supposed to have been transformed into a developed nation is "throw as mud on the wall as possible" as inevitably some mud will stick.
Before one can even begin to fathom the basis for the projects, you need a Degree in Encryption to get the feel of all the alphabet soup like KPI, KPRA that read like some computer jargon in a technical manual.
The response as been mixed and the big questions on most people's minds are:
1. Where will the funding oome from?
2. How much funds will be "leaked" like the RM12bil in the PKFZ fiasco?

Here is what I think of all the fuss:

Suppose you are a sick man and been diagnosed with elevated blood pressure, drug addiction, diabetes and high cholesterol. Furthermore you smoke and the doctors give you 3 years maximum unless you undergo drastic lifestyle changes.
Instead of taking your doctors' advice and checking into a health clinic for a major medical makeover, you call a press conference and announce that in the next two years you are going to climb Mt. Kinabalu and also take part in your first Ironman competition in two months time.

That is how I view the "pie in the sky" as described by Lim Kit Siang.
Maybe people will understand more if he dscribed it as "chappati in the sky"?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Killers of Sosilawati?

You can find lots of information on the Net nowadays.
The MSM have not published the names of the suspects but one report mentioned that the masterminds are 2 lawyer brothers who were struck off the Bar in November 2009.
So I checked out the Malaysia Bar website and you can read the details on this page under Disciplinary Orders Nov 2009.
The 2 related names appear in the second paragraph from the bottom of the page.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are You in Favour of the 2-PARTY System for Malaysia?

I support a two-party system for Malaysia as the BN government has not been able to deliver the goods.
Electing a PR government is no guarantee but we will also vote them out if they do not satisfy our needs.
Someone described INSANITY as
"Doing the same thing over and expecting different results".
For me, voting the for the Bankrupsi Negara regime is INSANITY.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

malaysiakini Readers Respond to Another RM5bil Hand-outs

So the Bankrupsi Negara regime still thinks it can turn against the tide by throwing another RM5bil of taxpayers funds for that mysterious 30% Bumi equity so enamoured by Malaysian pirates to deplete Malaysia's coffers.

You can read malaysiakini's readers latest riposte in What's another RM5 bil after wasting RM50 bil? . One of the justifications for this fund was to enable some to cash out their shares in order to start a business. Unless the shares are being bought above market rates, these people should just sell their shares in the open market.
Why should the government use public money to bail out incompetent investors? These people should buy Amanah Saham unit trusts and the government should use this type of money to invest in good companies with good growth potential.
Investing in the share market is for the medium to long term; at least 3 to 5 years and there is no magic formula.
Already RM50bil has been lost on account of selling off Bumi allocated shares and hence frustrating the 30% target. We cannot support this kind of financial indiscipline.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The IGP's Startling Confession....

I find this rather disturbing from the outgoing IGP.
According to the Star report IGP speaks out against third party interference, it seems that certain officials in the Home Ministry have been interfering with police work.
This is a serious allegation and a proper inquiry should be conducted to check such blatant abuse of powers.

There are two sets of culprits involved here:
1.The Home Ministry officials who are interfering with police work.
2.The police officers who accepted orders outside the chain of command.

The IGP himself should have taken firmer measures to secure the integrity of the PDRM earlier but it is better late than never.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

When Will Najib Learn His ABCs Properly?

I spent a quiet Merdeka in JB.
There was really nothing much to celebrate as all my four children are not in Malaysia.
Yesterday, I chanced to hear the PM talk about his economic ideas.
I heard a new description yesterday that indicates the PM is having problems with the alphabets.
It seems that the new formula is being promoted:


Of course everyone knows about the NEP, that master-plan that has been hijacked for more than 30 years to benefit only a select group of Bankrupsi Negara cronies.
Since coming to office, Najib has created many labs to study how Malaysia can be transformed into a developed nation by 2020 even though some believe the nation could become bankrupt by 2019; given that FDIs have fallen through the floor and even the locals are moving funds abroad.

The PM thought that he would have it easy with his bold announcement of the New Economic Model or NEM.

However, many influential Malaysians with vested interests in the rent-seeking NEP including Dr Mahathir, have debunked the NEM.
I am not sure what Najib drank to celebrate our Merdeka day but it certainly clouded his speech yesterday.
Now he talks of the "New Model for the Economy". If the NEP was bad and the NEM is just and needs-based, why is there any need to cater for vested interests like APs and the unjust luxury housing discounts?

I say after spending a few million ringgit on APCO to create the image makeover for the PM, it is disappointing that the PM cannot even adopt a consistent position vis-a-vis his economic vision.
Or should we be preparing for Mirage2020 with such national leaders?