Friday, August 22, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - Abuse of Government Machinery

This only shows how useless and impotent is the Elections Commission when top leaders make use of government (ie taxpayers') machinery to boost their party in elections.

Permatang Pauh is actually a small by-elections as even if the ruling party loses, it does not change the balance of seats in Parliament. But the BN is desperate to keep Anwar out as he will definitely put the PR coalition in a strong position to try and win the next GE if there are no BN members crossing over.

Maybe the BN has been in power for so long they cannot understand the concept of separation of government official duties and political campaigning.
malaysiakini has this complaint:
" Do not abuse gov't machinery, Najib told"

We do have some committee on Integrity etc. Maybe they should take a look at the activities of the various ministers and deputy ministers and tell give us an opinion.
How do we check?

It is not really rocket science. Look at their schedules for the past 6 months on engagements and other activities. Compare with their present appointments. One should be able to check if suddenly there is a significant focus in PP.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - Propaganda, Lies and Half-Truths

malaysiakini has this article:
"Gerakan veep: Keep it clean"

Perhaps the title is somewhat misleading - after all the spokesman is from the BN and one should not too much from anyone on the campaign trail during the PP by-elections.

We have so many ministers and deputy ministers taking time off their official duties or rather campaigning at taxpayers' expense in a rather insignificant by-elections simply to keep Anwar away from Parliament.

I think the voters in Permatang Pauh will be able to see through any dirty trick by the contestants and especially the party they represent.

The reference in the article to the fall in the KLSE is quite naive as stocks worldwide have tumbled with the sub-prime crisis and the recession in the USA.

It's Only PARLIAMENT - so Let It LEAK!

I think this is the second time in months that Parliament has leaked even after the multi-ringgit renovations a few years ago.

malaysiakini has the story:
"Parliament springs another leak"

Maybe if the water had dripped on some of those sleeping MPs we will get better debates and more intelligent laws!

Let it leak and prove we don't know how to do simple construction repairs. Think a leak at a future nuclear power station will really be exciting.

Why not get the ACA to check out how this contract was awarded?


emails received:

"Dr, & Minda friends,
pl help. My daughter How Li Min Missing 29yr

she wear pink t-shirt & pink long skirt (with some small flower chocolate dots) & blue long sleeve sweater outside missing on 19.8.08 approx. 5.00 pm at my office near TAAT House, Jln Tun A Razak.


Minda How"

"Dear friend,

Daughter of my colleague, How Li Min, went missing yesterday outside our office. She suffers from an illness and missed her medication. She did not carry any identification with her.
If you do happen to meet her anywhere please contact her father, Mr. How at 016-7775911.

Please assist to forward this email to your friend within this few days. I will inform you once she is back.

For friends whom wish to further forward this email after this few days please check with me or Mr. How whether she is back.

Thanks for your kindness.


If you have seen this person, please contact her father at the number above. Even if it is only to let her parents know she is well.

Aftermath of the Bar Forum Chaos - Now AVRIL'S Concert in Danger

You would have read about how the police did not prevent a mob from interfering with a legally organised forum by the Bar Council as they wanted to discuss religious matters.

malaysiakini has a story related to that incident:
"Aborted forum: I did right, says PKR MP"

I don't want to discuss the rights and wrongs of any group but I believe our constitution guarantees freedom of association if no crimes are being committed.

So how can the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister dictate terms on when it can or cannot be held?

No one is being forced to attend this concert and I am sure the tickets will be quite expensive. But we should not give such flimsy excuses for disrupting such activities.

Maybe it reflects the mindset of the authorities - throw a spanner in the works on anything that causes Malaysians to think with a critical mind?

PS. I am no fan of Avril and am not sure what are her famous hits!

photo: Thanks to

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NATIONAL SERVICE - Get the Parents Involved

That ill-conceived scheme and even more poorly implemented program has resulted in a few deaths, some by negligence and others by neglect, and it is only right that more groups be involved in a comprehensive review.

It should not be left to one ministry to fine-tune the program as indicated by this malaysiakini article:
"NS defaulters may get off easy"

I wonder what really prompted this change of heart - too many VVIP's children refusing to be enrolled?
Any review should involve the Ministry of National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage and also Education.
In fact costs for the NS can be reduced if uniformed groups in secondary schools are considered part of the NS program. For example one year of service in such a group can be considered as equivalent to one month of NS training.

I believe that ALL youths will benefit if they attend a one-month NS program similar to the OBS scheme.

Say NO to NUCLEAR POWER for Malaysia

OK I am not going to talk about Permatang Pauh as every other blogger is discussing the by-elections.

The topic of nuclear power for Malaysia was again brought up in malaysiakini:
"Cabinet to discuss nuclear energy use"

I have a simple approach to nuclear power in Malaysia if we are to be safe and secure.
We should not consider nuclear power unless the following happens:

  1. UiTM becomes a university that is open to all Malaysians
  2. The IPCMC is implemented
  3. The government is changed.

Some of you are wondering how on earth are all these items related to nuclear power?

To use nuclear power, society has to be matured and so far Malaysia is not a matured society. We have too many civil servants with dubious qualifications; with cases of missing immigration records, drugs stolen from police lock-ups and simple projects being undertaken with questionable competency as in this report:

"Report slams shoddy flood mitigation projects"

Floods happen on an annual basis in Malaysia and we should have sufficient experience to do such projects.

Now if we cannot do such projects successfully, putting up and operating a nuclear plant will be disastrous. We will also incur the wrath of the USA if our slip-shop security enables terrorists to steal nuclear materials.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Najib's Pathetic Plea in PERMATANG PAUH

Elections usually bring out the worst elements in humans and the PP by-elections is no exception.
We have ministers and other senior government neglecting their duties and spending taxpayers' monies on the campaign trail. Unless I am mistaken, these people should be busy in Putrajaya trying to keep Malaysia's tottering economy strong but I suppose they will do anything to keep their nemesis Anwar away from Parliament.

It appears from this malaysiakini article:
Najib wants Indians, Chinese to back BN
that the BN has still not learned anything from the last GE when it lost its 2/3 majority in Parliament.

The DPM hopes to entice the Chinese and Indians voters with some token giveaways like scrap metal licences and aid to schools. Where was the BN all this while? Just because PP was in the opposition does not mean a government should withhold development.

The voters in PP should tell the DPM what he can do with his promises by giving a strong mandate to Anwar.

Anwar's Bid for PERMATANG PAUH - Only the Beginning of a LONG STRUGGLE

malaysiakini has this interesting letter:
"Will Anwar measure up to expectations?"

Given the brief cooperation between the three parties it is hardly surprising that the DAP, PKR and PAS do create some tension and also sparks in their evolving relationship.

Let us not forget that UMNO, MCA and MIC have been working together since independence though many will claim that UMNO leads and everyone else just follows or else.

Anwar's return to Parliament is only just the beginning of a long process and there is going to be no short cut.

All citizens must play their part to ensure that our progress as a nation is safeguarded. To me the most effective way is to encourage the development of the 2-party or 3-party system so that it is easy to change the government peacefully if it does not perform.
Photo: A long road to freedom. Denali National Park Alaska

Monday, August 18, 2008

Education at its WORST - the UiTM Saga

malaysiakini has this article by Azly Rahman:
"MARA is progress not fascism"

Ironically the writer is a graduate from that institution but his years of experience have enabled him to see clearly through the weakness of such education bodies where young minds are warped with unprincipled thinking.

It appears that education facilities like UiTM teach the young not "how to think" but "what to think". The concept of "teaching a man to fish" comes to mind but the regressive methods create adults who simply demand more fish.

The last sentence in the article is very strong. Azly recommends that

"Let us dismantle racist institutions."
photo: Bear making off with 3ft salmon, Alaska. We were watching about 100 feet away.

PERMATANG PAUH - How to Leave Saiful Alone?

malaysiakini has this story:
"PM: Leave Saiful alone"

The former aide of Anwar has complicated our legal process by swearing on the Koran that he was sodomised forcibly even though the police have preferred a charge of consensual sodomy.

PAS' leader has declared that swearing on the Koran should not be a method to prove or disprove such an incident and the timing itself should raise many questions as it was done on the eve of nomination day for the Permatang Pauh by-elections.

What are the implications of such a swearing on the judicial process? How will the judge evaluate such an act when the case comes to court? From experience we have read that some Muslim judges will not rule against Islamic teachings even when the court is a civil and secular construct.

Our last PM TDM now says that Anwar should also swear on the Koran to prove his innocence. Even if Anwar did so, that creates a most difficult problem. Who decides which oath-taker is innocent?
Will that be a way to remove the vast backlog of cases in Malaysia that are awaiting trial?

If all the Muslims charged with whatever crime swear on the Koran that they are innocent, will the AG then proceed to drop all charges against them?

We could be a crime-free nation soon and the PM's Islam Hadhaari would be the beacon of hope for all nations. But I see that happening anytime soon or ever.

Photo: Glacial ice looks clean but don't be fooled by appearances.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

SODOMY - So Much Effort to Smear Anwar and Win PERMATANG PAUH

Malaysia will soon become, if it has not already become famous for sodomy just like how Bill Clinton made Monica famous.

For us it is a second time around as Anwar was falsely convicted of such an act during his downfall years ago.

If you read the following articles from malaysiakini, you will get a good idea of how this latest plot is being played out:

"Syed Hamid defends consensual sodomy charge"

"PAS leader slams Saiful's swearing act"

"Najib: Up to Muslims to decide on Saiful's action"

It is interesting that the police have charged Anwar with consensual sodomy whereas Saiful's oath on the Koran was that he was raped -ie forced and the Minister claims it is left to the court to decide.

There appears to be some confusion on what type of legal proceedings the court will follow. Adding to the murky waters is that Anwar has also made a complaint to the Syariah courts that he has been falsely accused and the accuser is required to produce 4 witnesses to testify.

Someone conducted a straw polls and it seems that only about 10% of those polled think that Anwar is guilty. So it appears that the voters in PP will not be affected much by the sex allegations.

Maybe the words from the Scriptures may be appropriate in this case:
Jesus said: "Let those from among you that have no sin cast the first stone".

Anwar is no saint but he appears to have all the qualities to lead Malaysia into our next phase of growth as a nation.

CHRISTMAS Comes Early for Voters of Permatang Pauh

Did you know there is a town in Alaska called North Pole where all the requests to Santa Claus in the USA get sent to?

It is about 80km south of Fairbanks and my wife and I went to the Santa Claus Shop where all kinds of Christmas decorations can be viewed.
No, I did not send any gifts to the voters of Permatang Pauh but it seems the BN government has endorsed the Christmas spirit of granting presents.

malaysiakini has this report:
"Goodies roll in, RM1 mil for Chinese schools"

It's a bit early for Christmas but considering it is the eve of the nomination day for the by-elections, it must have something to do with preventing Anwar from getting his seat in Parliament.

They didn't make any conditions for the RM200k grant to the Chinese schools, so it should be OK to welcome the gifts and then vote as your conscience dictates.
But it does appear to be a feeble attempt at vote influencing and I hope voters in PP can see through the intention.