Saturday, August 16, 2008

SODOMY - So Much Effort to Smear Anwar and Win PERMATANG PAUH

Malaysia will soon become, if it has not already become famous for sodomy just like how Bill Clinton made Monica famous.

For us it is a second time around as Anwar was falsely convicted of such an act during his downfall years ago.

If you read the following articles from malaysiakini, you will get a good idea of how this latest plot is being played out:

"Syed Hamid defends consensual sodomy charge"

"PAS leader slams Saiful's swearing act"

"Najib: Up to Muslims to decide on Saiful's action"

It is interesting that the police have charged Anwar with consensual sodomy whereas Saiful's oath on the Koran was that he was raped -ie forced and the Minister claims it is left to the court to decide.

There appears to be some confusion on what type of legal proceedings the court will follow. Adding to the murky waters is that Anwar has also made a complaint to the Syariah courts that he has been falsely accused and the accuser is required to produce 4 witnesses to testify.

Someone conducted a straw polls and it seems that only about 10% of those polled think that Anwar is guilty. So it appears that the voters in PP will not be affected much by the sex allegations.

Maybe the words from the Scriptures may be appropriate in this case:
Jesus said: "Let those from among you that have no sin cast the first stone".

Anwar is no saint but he appears to have all the qualities to lead Malaysia into our next phase of growth as a nation.

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