Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Say NO to NUCLEAR POWER for Malaysia

OK I am not going to talk about Permatang Pauh as every other blogger is discussing the by-elections.

The topic of nuclear power for Malaysia was again brought up in malaysiakini:
"Cabinet to discuss nuclear energy use"

I have a simple approach to nuclear power in Malaysia if we are to be safe and secure.
We should not consider nuclear power unless the following happens:

  1. UiTM becomes a university that is open to all Malaysians
  2. The IPCMC is implemented
  3. The government is changed.

Some of you are wondering how on earth are all these items related to nuclear power?

To use nuclear power, society has to be matured and so far Malaysia is not a matured society. We have too many civil servants with dubious qualifications; with cases of missing immigration records, drugs stolen from police lock-ups and simple projects being undertaken with questionable competency as in this report:

"Report slams shoddy flood mitigation projects"

Floods happen on an annual basis in Malaysia and we should have sufficient experience to do such projects.

Now if we cannot do such projects successfully, putting up and operating a nuclear plant will be disastrous. We will also incur the wrath of the USA if our slip-shop security enables terrorists to steal nuclear materials.


sosong said...

Pls, no to nuclear power plant, Msia do not hv qualified ppl to handle,if use kulitfied ppl to run the plant, may bring disaster.

Bunga Raya said...

This country needs no nuclear power (or nukes). Malaysia is extremely wasteful with its available energy and it is under-utilizing its massive solar power potential.

It's not even about electric power, but about economic power and how that generates more and more political clout.

Sarawak as a whole does not need 12 dams either for its own electricity consumption or for its economic welfare. There is one man who has expensive hospital bills to pay, and a racket of goons to feed to keep his machine into place.

That's why there will be 12 new dams if he gets to live until 2020 (otherwise, the bulk is likely to be canceled). That's why Malaysia wants nuclear. It's nice. Big business, big sub-sub-sub contracts.