Thursday, August 21, 2008

PERMATANG PAUH - Propaganda, Lies and Half-Truths

malaysiakini has this article:
"Gerakan veep: Keep it clean"

Perhaps the title is somewhat misleading - after all the spokesman is from the BN and one should not too much from anyone on the campaign trail during the PP by-elections.

We have so many ministers and deputy ministers taking time off their official duties or rather campaigning at taxpayers' expense in a rather insignificant by-elections simply to keep Anwar away from Parliament.

I think the voters in Permatang Pauh will be able to see through any dirty trick by the contestants and especially the party they represent.

The reference in the article to the fall in the KLSE is quite naive as stocks worldwide have tumbled with the sub-prime crisis and the recession in the USA.

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