Friday, February 26, 2010

malaysiakini and It's Time We Got a BETTER Attorney-General

I don't know what is the sentiment of Muslims to this case that apparently has been put into cold storage but to me the action or rather non-action of the Attorney-General's office is a most despicable dereliction of duty.
You can read what malaysiakini readers think of his office here.
The case should be relatively simple to bring to court. The two reporters reportedly went into a church as posed as Christians to receive the blessed host during Communion.
Instead of consuming the host, they went out and desecrated it and then wrote about it in the magazine. Surely that is a serious offence under a few laws in our nation?
But we should also consider that the AG's office is more political than judicial and so perhaps we should be bringing this matter up with the PM.
Maybe it's also time we got a better Prime Minister?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Airport Security Made Easier?

The Japanese are quite progressive when it comes to fashion and in Tokyo you can see real fashion extremes.
These photos were sent to me in an article by my sister-in-law. There are two more pics but I guess you will get the picture pretty quickly.Can be considered part of the CEP for grown adults.

What you see are not see-thru skirts.
They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible
And these are the current rage in Japan ..

This is a public service, so you won't have a heart attack when the rage reaches here.

I believe someone will come up with some extraordinary attire for the males since 2010 is the Year of the Metal Tiger...See thru' pants/jeans?

I guess the religious police are going to have an exciting year ahead....

malaysiakini and WHY the Police Cannot Perform PROPERLY

It appears that everytime someone publishes anything that questions or discusses anything about Islamic practices, some disgruntled Muslims will make various police reports with the claim that

"The article clearly wants to challenge (and) anger the Muslims and insult Islam. (The author) has no right to comment about Islamic jurisprudence because he is not a Muslim," read the police report.; according to the malaysiakini article.

It seems that Muslims in Malaysia are quite weak and unable to tolerate even discussions about their faith. What about the 2 Muslims who desecrated the Host of the Catholic Church and then wrote about it? So far the "investigations" are still ongoing after a few months?

The PDRM should advise these NGOs to write to the newspapers first with an intelligent response and request the newspapers to publish such a letter before entertaining such claims. Of course if the paper declines, then the report can be made.
If you don't even know which NGO is protesting it surely detracts from your cause.
Meanwhile on the streets of KL and other large cities, the crime wave continues unabated.
Just an Taman Daya yesterday there were a few traffic cops stopping traffic near the mosque for routine checks(?) and yet about three blocks away the traffic lights were not functioning at a major junction with the resultant chaos.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

malaysiakini and Playing Dirty Politics

There are two articles in malaysiakini that show the federal government is unable and unwilling to treat state administrations with dignity and fairmindedness.
Maybe it shows that the states have given up too much power to the federal authorities and we need to strike a more balanced approach to ensure that the nation progresses no matter who is leading the state governments.
The first article Putrajaya's argument holds no water, says Husam delves into the manner in which the state government under PAS has been deprived of its oil royalties whereas the same royalty has been reinstated for Terrengganu that was regained by the BN.
No government can practise such double standards and be worthy of being entrusted with such an important issue.
The second article Cops zoom in on Guan Eng shows how the Home Ministry is trying to disrupt the state government's operations without proper justification. It seems that reports lodged against opposition leaders are acted upon with much haste whereas all the reports against BN leaders are handled more delicately.
Already the name of PDRM was blackened after the IPCMC and to my mind they have not yet redeemed their honour.
Taking action against the opposition CM is perceived as acting as political lackeys and not the noble protectors of the law.
Malaysia cannot progress unless the PDRM practises policing without prejudice.

Monday, February 22, 2010

malaysiakini and BN Hopes to Win Kelantan?

Kelantan has steadfastly supported PAS despite the shutting off the development funds that is due the state in the form of oil royalties.
I don't believe the Kelantan citizens will fall for this latest ploy of UMNO as detailed in the malaysiakini report Umno unleashes '2B strategy' to wrest K'tan.
My opinion is that the federal government's position is hardly honourable and smacks of double standards - at worst its actions are endangering the unity of the nation and could cause the break-up of Malaysia, though that is not likely at the moment.
The federal government needs to respect the state administration regardless of who is governing the state. Another FLIP-FLOP Fiasco!

Friday, February 19, 2010

malaysiakini REPORTS on the TEOH BENG HOCK Inquest

The story from malaysiakini is hardly surprising.
Gov't pathologist disputes Pornthip's findings.
Based on his so-called expert(?) testimony, he wants us to believe that both the head and anal injuries are caused by the fall.
This can happen if the body does a 180 degree somersault whereby the neck gets trapped in some narrow place; then releases itself and the body then continues to fall feet first and pierces some kind of pointed object that can penetrate the anus.
Now isn't that incredulous?
I don't believe that is possible unless the expert can show exactly what happened to cause the injuries and not simply claim that that was what occurred. Maybe a layman will describe it as such but for a professional, it hardly meets any decent standard of expertise.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

malaysiakini and the Case of the RM2mil ANG POWs?

malaysiakini has this interesting collection of advice from readers about the RM2 mil man:"Go for the Boss, not just his aide" .
The MACC has gone a good job by arresting the alleged perpetrator of corrupt practices but if we are really serious about reducing corruption in Malaysia, we need answers to the following:

1.What was the monies intended for?
2.What is the source of the money?
3.Who is the person directing this lackey?

So he has been released after 4 days with a RM50k bail. Has enough evidence been obtained to prosecute the case if are we going to be entertained to a delay of years while the AG shuffles the files?
Hopefully, his passport has been surrendered to the courts but given the porous nature of our borders, it is not impossible to disappear without trace.
I suggest all persons out on bail with a major case like this should be electronically tagged.

photo: are the killer whales still out there? Photo taken in 2008 Alaska cruise

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why the DISCRIMINATION against Non-Muslim Johoreans?

I wrote earlier about the puzzling arrangement in which non-Muslims were not allowed into the Johor royal mausoleum to pay their respects to the late Sultan of Johor.
However, this article from the Star indicates that it is more the bureaucracy that has made such a rule. Foreigners, some of whom have Christian names were allowed into the area.
Guess we have more respect for our foreign guests. What a shame to deny the locals the chance to pay their respects.

photo: thanks to the Star.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

malaysiakini and CRYING for Malaysian JUSTICE?

If anyone had taken a public opinion poll the Perak MB case before the decision was made in the Courts I expect the 90% of the public would have forecast this decision.
Was the decision so clear cut?

Unfortunately for Malaysia, the Executive has been tinkering with all the other important pillars of our government that most do not seem to work properly any more.
Even the IPCMC has been manipulated in that benefits like better pay and living conditions have been granted but the vital element of a public complaint system has been ditched.
So the outrage at the courts decision is not surprising as seen in this malaysiakini article Perak MB - it's Zambry! .
Of course it could all be a Pyrrhic the final analysis the voters will decide in 2 years who should be governing their state.

One positive outcome to all these problems is that more Malaysians are taking a more active role in politics...

Monday, February 1, 2010

malaysiakini and the Times are A-CHANGING....

This famous protest song of the Sixties can be used to demonstrate the type of changes that are happening in the government and society.
As you can see in these malaysiakini articles, Women MBs: 'Hamidah, speak for yourself' and 'We're keeping an eye on Big Brother Hisham'.
Yes, definitely times are a-changing as more Malaysians are prepared to voice out on important and even sensitive issues.
The government's attitude appears to be like those of the Middle Ages where the massses were denied information and anyone who challenged authority was prosecuted by the state and even the church. Copernicus the astronomer was imprisoned for claiming that the earth orbitted the sun.
Now we all know that some women prefer their men to take the lead but in today's society where more women are independent, we should not deny them the top posts in the nation if they are capable.
With the major advance in education and the hard fact that more than 65% of graduates are women, I can see the time when a woman becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Maybe a woman PM will be able to show how the job is properly done.