Friday, February 26, 2010

malaysiakini and It's Time We Got a BETTER Attorney-General

I don't know what is the sentiment of Muslims to this case that apparently has been put into cold storage but to me the action or rather non-action of the Attorney-General's office is a most despicable dereliction of duty.
You can read what malaysiakini readers think of his office here.
The case should be relatively simple to bring to court. The two reporters reportedly went into a church as posed as Christians to receive the blessed host during Communion.
Instead of consuming the host, they went out and desecrated it and then wrote about it in the magazine. Surely that is a serious offence under a few laws in our nation?
But we should also consider that the AG's office is more political than judicial and so perhaps we should be bringing this matter up with the PM.
Maybe it's also time we got a better Prime Minister?

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