Monday, February 1, 2010

malaysiakini and the Times are A-CHANGING....

This famous protest song of the Sixties can be used to demonstrate the type of changes that are happening in the government and society.
As you can see in these malaysiakini articles, Women MBs: 'Hamidah, speak for yourself' and 'We're keeping an eye on Big Brother Hisham'.
Yes, definitely times are a-changing as more Malaysians are prepared to voice out on important and even sensitive issues.
The government's attitude appears to be like those of the Middle Ages where the massses were denied information and anyone who challenged authority was prosecuted by the state and even the church. Copernicus the astronomer was imprisoned for claiming that the earth orbitted the sun.
Now we all know that some women prefer their men to take the lead but in today's society where more women are independent, we should not deny them the top posts in the nation if they are capable.
With the major advance in education and the hard fact that more than 65% of graduates are women, I can see the time when a woman becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Maybe a woman PM will be able to show how the job is properly done.

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