Tuesday, February 16, 2010

malaysiakini and the Case of the RM2mil ANG POWs?

malaysiakini has this interesting collection of advice from readers about the RM2 mil man:"Go for the Boss, not just his aide" .
The MACC has gone a good job by arresting the alleged perpetrator of corrupt practices but if we are really serious about reducing corruption in Malaysia, we need answers to the following:

1.What was the monies intended for?
2.What is the source of the money?
3.Who is the person directing this lackey?

So he has been released after 4 days with a RM50k bail. Has enough evidence been obtained to prosecute the case if are we going to be entertained to a delay of years while the AG shuffles the files?
Hopefully, his passport has been surrendered to the courts but given the porous nature of our borders, it is not impossible to disappear without trace.
I suggest all persons out on bail with a major case like this should be electronically tagged.

photo: are the killer whales still out there? Photo taken in 2008 Alaska cruise

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