Wednesday, February 24, 2010

malaysiakini and WHY the Police Cannot Perform PROPERLY

It appears that everytime someone publishes anything that questions or discusses anything about Islamic practices, some disgruntled Muslims will make various police reports with the claim that

"The article clearly wants to challenge (and) anger the Muslims and insult Islam. (The author) has no right to comment about Islamic jurisprudence because he is not a Muslim," read the police report.; according to the malaysiakini article.

It seems that Muslims in Malaysia are quite weak and unable to tolerate even discussions about their faith. What about the 2 Muslims who desecrated the Host of the Catholic Church and then wrote about it? So far the "investigations" are still ongoing after a few months?

The PDRM should advise these NGOs to write to the newspapers first with an intelligent response and request the newspapers to publish such a letter before entertaining such claims. Of course if the paper declines, then the report can be made.
If you don't even know which NGO is protesting it surely detracts from your cause.
Meanwhile on the streets of KL and other large cities, the crime wave continues unabated.
Just an Taman Daya yesterday there were a few traffic cops stopping traffic near the mosque for routine checks(?) and yet about three blocks away the traffic lights were not functioning at a major junction with the resultant chaos.

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