Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Malaysia's NEM ..... Good Enough to WIN the NEXT General Elections?

The clock has started......
With the announcement of the NEM, the voters in Malaysia now have a written document that is more than 200 pages long.
At first glance it seems to be a better plan than the "Super Corridors" that became an embarrassment less than 2 years after the corridors were launched with no specific targets just simply throwing mega-projects at whatever corners took their fancy.

This NEM addresses some important issues like retaining local talents and the need to upgrade of skills.
You can read the document from the Star here.

The document also mentions the rule of law and giving states more powers to decide on local matters.

A document such as the NEM will require much more input to flesh out the programs but I suggest the following can be done quite easily NOW:

1.Cooperate better with state governments that are ruled by the opposition and just pay Kelantan the oil royalty. Stop trying to destabilise the state governments.
2.For the "lean" government, stop extending contracts after retirement and stop recruiting staff to replace those who resign or are dismissed. Also reduce new recruits by at least 20% and all new recruits to follow EPF scheme - ie no more pension scheme.

The rule of law is perceived by most people to be flawed by many court cases and deaths in police custody. The Judiciary is still tarnished and the NFA for the Lingam Commission plus the chickening out over the IPCMC shows that the Judiciary and PDRM systems are still broken and need fixing.

OK enough from me. Overall the NEM looks like a good piece of work and if the government can really address some basic needs of the people within 2 years, the Najib government may yet survive the next General Elections.
If not, this work can still be used by the next government.

Friday, March 26, 2010

malaysiakini and the NEM.....NEP with a NICE VARNISH?

There is a lot of talk now about the NEM - the magic formula that is going to help Malaysia achieve Vision2020 in double-quick time.
I say magical as the NEP even after 30plus years has only managed to scratch the surface as most of the pie was skimmed off for cronies and their families. Of course politicians too took more than their fair share and some of them have become modern day warlords.
This is what I wrote in Malaysia Today in an article that sought to explain that the NEP targets have not been achieved.

One of the big problems about such statistics is that it does not really analyse where the wealth has gone.
Such percentages only refer to the balance sheet items and not the cash flow.
To put matters in a form that is easier to understand, the proper analysis should be made so everyone can understand better how wealth is created.
I am sure many have read stories of how the real wealth creators can lose their fortune and yet within 5 to 10 years can amass far greater wealth.
Take the typical BN crony handout carpetbagger - he gets a lop-sided crony contract that bestows millions and even before the contract ink has dried, he has ordered his BMWs, his RM10mil mansion, possibly a helicopter and of course that trophy wife. After the contract funds are gone, he has learned very little business skills, just an appetite that has become greedier.
Compare this with the small shop selling chicken rice or whatever - they work hard and save a lot for their children's education. After 20 years, the children has gone overseas for studies and the family has been able to buy a few houses.
That is why NEP targets are so misleading and should not be accepted anymore as even after 25 years those cronies are only asking :
"Give ME some MORE!"

Given the rot in the entire system and using the analogy of a computer system:
The hard disc is so corrupted it will take forever to debug the system.
Better to throw away the hard disc by voting in a new government with a clean sheet.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

malaysiakini and the Latest on LOCAL ELECTIONS

The decision of the Elections Commission is not unexpected as reported in malaysiakini's feature EC can't hold local polls for Penang, S'gor.
We all know that the PM too was not keen on such a rudimentary right of citizens as the opposition votes could translate into 50% of all council seats and more transparency in local governments - that would make a serious dent into the BN advantage for the next general elections.
So what should the states like Penang and Selangor do?
The Elections Commission does not hold the exclusive right to hold elections and since they claim they do not have the authority, it is up to the state governments to pass laws on how the local elections can be conducted.
Holding elections is such a fundamental activity - we elect club officials, sports officials and even school cadets. The basic requirement is that the body conducting the elections must have the requisite authority and I suggest the state government can pass rules and regulations to conduct local elections.
Let us give back democracy to the people.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

malaysiakini on the CLOWNS in OFFICE....

Did you watch our MPs getting into a rabid frenzy over the APCO affair? OK I know many of you don't watch such antics - after all it is only the MalaysiaBoleh Parliament.
What I am concerned about is that a very important institution of Malaysia appears to have been compromised and yet not a single MP from the government has voiced any concern in Parliament.
You remember the Lingam tapes about how the Judiciary was being manipulated. We spent tens of thousands of ringgit to confirm that the tapes were genuine and yet not a single person has spent any time in jail for any misdeeds.
Now we have the IGP the most senior police officer alleging that "a third force" is interfering with the PDRM. That should raise alarm bells as seen by malaysiakini readers in this article Act 2, Scene 1: Enter Hishammuddin . From the letter you will note that the sentiments are mostly negative towards the IGP and the Home Minister.
For the IGP to make such a public compliant and not take corrective action surely indicates that the PDRM has been severely compromised.
It is up to us to write a new script for this play:
"Final Chapter: Exit BN" for the next elections.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Can 1Malaysia Become 1MERITOCRACY?

Did you watch the PM's speech at the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation?
For once we hear the nation's leader mention the word "meritocracy" that has never been used in official speeches as it sort of became taboo after that tiny red dot Singapore used it to progress far beyond anyone's imagination.
Yes Malaysia too needs to embrace meritocracy if we are to overcome our serious problems of apathy, lethargy and leadership malaise with the frequent policy FLIP-FLOPs.
Maybe a footwear company can achieve great global success if we market a particular brand of slippers under the 1Malaysia brand? Everytime the government back-tracks like on the GST issue, sales will be boosted.
Seriously, Najib needs to take his MERITOCRACY themed speech to be delivered at his Monday morning assemblies and take action there.
Delivering a nice speech at a private foundation will hardly make a dent in our national problems untill the leaders wield a bigger stick in the public sector.
For a start one of the KPIs for the civil service is to trim the work force by 10% each year untill the force is reduced by at least 30%.
There is no need to sack anyone - just stop re-employing retirees and those who are sacked or resign and reduce the fresh graduate intake by maybe 20%.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Will Malaysia Go BANKRUPT Like Greece?

The signs are not good.
Already Malaysia has too many civil servants compared to other countries and if you look at the 2009 Budget from Bernama, you will note that the Government spends just 25% of the RM205.9bil on Development Expenditure and the rest 75% on Operating Expenditure.
This means that out of every tax ringgit taken by the government, only 25sen is used to improve the system and 75sen is needed just to keep the government operating.
Now with the latest move to give civil servants even better benefits like free hospital wards for them and their parents, it seems the government is getting desperate to keep their votes in the next general elections even though it may bankrupt the nation in the long term.
Instead of getting new civil servants into the EPF scheme and teaching them to save and purchase medical insurance for their families, this latest hand-out will only prolong the subsidy mentality of civil servants.
To put the matter into another perspective, this means that in order to raise RM1 the government needs to spend 75sen.
Now if the government can operate like some well-run banks, the income expense ratio should be more like 40:60 which means that 40% of the tax raised can be used to improve the nation through well-devised development projects.
Maybe that is where the GST will be required?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I support local elections as it will really give power back to the people and help to save Malaysia from impending economic ruin and disaster ala Zimbabwe.
The system is really corrupt from abuse of government authority and I agree with malaysiakini readers who are bold enough to declare 'You're wrong, Mr Prime Minister'.

You see the PM declared in the Malaysian Insider that “We find that as the local government elections have been abolished a while ago, there is no need to restore it as it creates more politicking.
“The candidates will use the campaigns as a key point and the local council services might not actually improve,”

One could make an appeal for corruption on similar lines.
"We find that corruption has become part and parcel of Malaysian life so there is no need to eradicate it. Attempts to control it might not work. Just embrace it lah".

If you study how opposition states are being deprived of development funds and even their oil royalty, you will realise that the BN wants control of your life and cannot allow such a basic freedom. So if you want to help save Malaysia, you need to register to vote and then change the government.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Al-Islam and a Sincere APOLOGY?

OK we all know the Attorney-General is incompetent or just a political lackey when he declared that justice would not be served if he took the magazine and the two journalists to court as reported earlier in malaysiakini.
Now it seems that Al-Islam apologises to Christians but only on the official website.
This is a right step but the manner and the timing is not proper.
It seems that the magazine has been pressured by the AG to issue such an apology as many Malaysians were upset over the decision of the AG not to act and this move can be described as "too little, too late".
To me the apology should have been done earlier and the apology published in the same medium as the offending article. If they had first published in the hard copy, so too should this apology be made in the same medium.
I also suggest an apology using words is just that - cheap words. A donation of say Rm10,000 should also be made to an approved charity named by the Catholic Church even though the offence is really more grievous than that.
To me the AG has really failed to do his duty and we cannot tolerate such an abuse of position as the entire justice system is put in jeopardy. He should be put before a public inquiry to determine if he is competent to head such a post.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

malaysiakini and the FISH that almost got away....

with CORRUPTION and vested interests.
Some of us have fishing friends who can tell stories of how they missed catching that huge fish or the one that got away.
From this malaysiakini article it seems that tall stories are not limited to just the fishes but also the fish boxes.
Fish-box ruling: 'Will MACC investigate?' the case of the government official who became a director of the company dealing in the fish boxes so that the "quality is assured".
Now that is surely going beyond the scope of any government officer's duty and could be seen as a conflict of interest.
Definitely some taxpayers will feel that the only quality that can be assured is the level of the balance in the officer's bank accounts. Furthermore this is clearly a breach of the civil servant's code of ethics. Did the person get written permission from the authorities?
Of course the fish dealers were not happy and staged a boycott and KUDOs to them for taking such a bold measure on behalf of the consumers.
This is one case that the MACC should investigate for it certainly smells worse than a case of rotting fish.

photo: thanks to http://sloone.wordpress.com/2008...head-go/