Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I support local elections as it will really give power back to the people and help to save Malaysia from impending economic ruin and disaster ala Zimbabwe.
The system is really corrupt from abuse of government authority and I agree with malaysiakini readers who are bold enough to declare 'You're wrong, Mr Prime Minister'.

You see the PM declared in the Malaysian Insider that “We find that as the local government elections have been abolished a while ago, there is no need to restore it as it creates more politicking.
“The candidates will use the campaigns as a key point and the local council services might not actually improve,”

One could make an appeal for corruption on similar lines.
"We find that corruption has become part and parcel of Malaysian life so there is no need to eradicate it. Attempts to control it might not work. Just embrace it lah".

If you study how opposition states are being deprived of development funds and even their oil royalty, you will realise that the BN wants control of your life and cannot allow such a basic freedom. So if you want to help save Malaysia, you need to register to vote and then change the government.

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