Tuesday, March 23, 2010

malaysiakini on the CLOWNS in OFFICE....

Did you watch our MPs getting into a rabid frenzy over the APCO affair? OK I know many of you don't watch such antics - after all it is only the MalaysiaBoleh Parliament.
What I am concerned about is that a very important institution of Malaysia appears to have been compromised and yet not a single MP from the government has voiced any concern in Parliament.
You remember the Lingam tapes about how the Judiciary was being manipulated. We spent tens of thousands of ringgit to confirm that the tapes were genuine and yet not a single person has spent any time in jail for any misdeeds.
Now we have the IGP the most senior police officer alleging that "a third force" is interfering with the PDRM. That should raise alarm bells as seen by malaysiakini readers in this article Act 2, Scene 1: Enter Hishammuddin . From the letter you will note that the sentiments are mostly negative towards the IGP and the Home Minister.
For the IGP to make such a public compliant and not take corrective action surely indicates that the PDRM has been severely compromised.
It is up to us to write a new script for this play:
"Final Chapter: Exit BN" for the next elections.

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