Saturday, March 6, 2010

Al-Islam and a Sincere APOLOGY?

OK we all know the Attorney-General is incompetent or just a political lackey when he declared that justice would not be served if he took the magazine and the two journalists to court as reported earlier in malaysiakini.
Now it seems that Al-Islam apologises to Christians but only on the official website.
This is a right step but the manner and the timing is not proper.
It seems that the magazine has been pressured by the AG to issue such an apology as many Malaysians were upset over the decision of the AG not to act and this move can be described as "too little, too late".
To me the apology should have been done earlier and the apology published in the same medium as the offending article. If they had first published in the hard copy, so too should this apology be made in the same medium.
I also suggest an apology using words is just that - cheap words. A donation of say Rm10,000 should also be made to an approved charity named by the Catholic Church even though the offence is really more grievous than that.
To me the AG has really failed to do his duty and we cannot tolerate such an abuse of position as the entire justice system is put in jeopardy. He should be put before a public inquiry to determine if he is competent to head such a post.

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yellowkingdom said...

Can't wait to have a new AG. With all the scandals swirling around the IGP, AG and other politicians, I wonder if we will ever have anyone to carry out their duties responsibly.