Thursday, August 18, 2011

malaysiakini and Cheating in Elections....the Role of the EC?

This article shows that the Elections Commission or some of their staff could be involved in rigging the election rolls so that non-citizens can vote in the General Elections.
And now - voters with non-existent MyKad code
show that there has been a deliberate attempt to create voters who can change the outcome of the polls.
This is a serious crime as it means the rights of genuine citizens have been subverted.
We all know that politics is dirty business but we surely cannot allow the EC to be compromised as shown by these revelations.
The EC's response has been rather cavalier....they just remove these dubious voters and attribute it to technical errors!
I suggest a serious crime has been committed and we need a public inquiry as to how these names were authorised by the is possible there is a team of officials in the EC that has been bribed to register these unqualified voters.
A police report could be made but even there, we are not sure how willing is the police to investigate electoral fraud.
Do you trust the EC anymore?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

malaysiakini and the News on the Police Raiding a Church.

As you all know the next GE will be held soon and even our Bishop Paul Tan is urging Christians to hold the government accountable for what is seen as religious interference by the authorities.
Bishop Paul decries vilification of Christians

Apart from voting wisely, did you know that the entire voting process can be compromised? This means that your vote can be stolen from you through cheating in the ballot just coming out to vote is definitely not enough.
The case of PRs becoming citizens and then instant voters has been in the news but do you know other ways in which your vote becomes worthless?

Just casting your vote is not enough as the election process can be shanghaied via cheating during the voting process and even the SPR may be part of the scheme. All loyal Malaysians should try and volunteer to be a counting agent or a polling agent to prevent cheating at the polls. To find out more, go and visit the PKR/PAS/DAP office near your house and inquire about being a volunteer. You need not be a member....just be concerned that polling needs to be an exercise where cheating is reduced to a minimum. Even if you cannot be a volunteer on polling day, the knowledge you gain can make a difference.

Being a volunteer does not mean you support any political party but to ensure that the integrity of the ballot process is not compromised.
If every family provides just one adult volunteer, our freedom to vote will be safeguarded.
If you would like to learn more about being a volunteer, please contact me at haroldangus(at) and I will let the JPAG(Johor People's Action Group) know you would like to be contacted for future training sessions.

Allah help us all!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shangaied in China! The Magical Midnight Tour by China Eastern Airlines.

My wife and I were returning to Malaysia from Canada and we were flying via China Eastern Airlines.
After arriving from Vancouver, we had a seven hour wait for the connecting flight at 23:55hrs. If you have been to Pudong International Airport, you will know that waiting here for more than 2 hours is punishment enough. The airport is spartan and lacks any shops of interest; although I must admit the architecture is quite attractive with high roofs and slanting supports.
But the interior decor and assortment of shops is really unappealing.
We managed to nap a few hours before we made for the departure gates at about 23:00hrs....something quite unusual as we are usually the last few passengers to get there.
We were there hardly 10 minutes when an official came down and started shouting "SINGAPORE!SINGAPORE! Go to hotel NOW". We were then herded up the stairs as the escalator was for only for going down. Not much fun having to climb 3 flights of steps with your hand luggage.
We then had to pass through immigration and then onto a waiting bus that was already 3/4 full of bewildered passengers and within minutes, we experienced a bumpy 20-minute ride to the hotel.
I believe the hotel had close business links to the airline. The rooms had already been allocated and all it took was a scramble to get to the reception counter where the girl took two passports and gave us a room key.
So we took the lift to the room on the 18th floor; our weary bodies looking forward to a restful night.
After checking out the room, which we found to be of reasonable standard, my wife took a shower while I rested on the bed. I was about to take my shower when the phone rang. I answered and the girl said; "Check out now!" So I asked her; "Now?" She replied; "Yes, go to airport."
We both laughed at the comical scenario; even though it was not so funny.
It took another 5 minutes to re-pack and head for the lifts. Two girls we met on the way were also half-amused; one of them had not even had time to dry her hair properly.
At the hotel reception, 4 girls were frantically working to exchange passports for hotel keys...I wonder how they handled any lost keys?
On the way out to the bus, I noticed a big stack of packaged food and I belive they would have been distributed to the rooms if we had stayed longer.
At the airport, we had to go through security and also fill up the immigration forms for departure.
The flight finally departed at about 0130hrs and we arrived in Singapore 2hours later than the original eta. The airline staff apologised profusely for the flight delay but the efforts they made to take care of us seemed misguided.
It would have been better if they had kept us at the airport longer and provided a hot meal instead of the hurried transfers to and from the hotel that caused some distress.