Sunday, August 7, 2011

malaysiakini and the News on the Police Raiding a Church.

As you all know the next GE will be held soon and even our Bishop Paul Tan is urging Christians to hold the government accountable for what is seen as religious interference by the authorities.
Bishop Paul decries vilification of Christians

Apart from voting wisely, did you know that the entire voting process can be compromised? This means that your vote can be stolen from you through cheating in the ballot just coming out to vote is definitely not enough.
The case of PRs becoming citizens and then instant voters has been in the news but do you know other ways in which your vote becomes worthless?

Just casting your vote is not enough as the election process can be shanghaied via cheating during the voting process and even the SPR may be part of the scheme. All loyal Malaysians should try and volunteer to be a counting agent or a polling agent to prevent cheating at the polls. To find out more, go and visit the PKR/PAS/DAP office near your house and inquire about being a volunteer. You need not be a member....just be concerned that polling needs to be an exercise where cheating is reduced to a minimum. Even if you cannot be a volunteer on polling day, the knowledge you gain can make a difference.

Being a volunteer does not mean you support any political party but to ensure that the integrity of the ballot process is not compromised.
If every family provides just one adult volunteer, our freedom to vote will be safeguarded.
If you would like to learn more about being a volunteer, please contact me at haroldangus(at) and I will let the JPAG(Johor People's Action Group) know you would like to be contacted for future training sessions.

Allah help us all!

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