Thursday, August 18, 2011

malaysiakini and Cheating in Elections....the Role of the EC?

This article shows that the Elections Commission or some of their staff could be involved in rigging the election rolls so that non-citizens can vote in the General Elections.
And now - voters with non-existent MyKad code
show that there has been a deliberate attempt to create voters who can change the outcome of the polls.
This is a serious crime as it means the rights of genuine citizens have been subverted.
We all know that politics is dirty business but we surely cannot allow the EC to be compromised as shown by these revelations.
The EC's response has been rather cavalier....they just remove these dubious voters and attribute it to technical errors!
I suggest a serious crime has been committed and we need a public inquiry as to how these names were authorised by the is possible there is a team of officials in the EC that has been bribed to register these unqualified voters.
A police report could be made but even there, we are not sure how willing is the police to investigate electoral fraud.
Do you trust the EC anymore?

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