Friday, January 25, 2013

malaysiakini and Dealing with the illegal Project IC of Sabah

So the cat is finally out of the bag in Sabah as the former Prime Minister of Malaysia has openly admitted his approval of the process whereby thousands of refugees were given the right to vote in Sabah; not based on properly documented processes and controls but based solely on his say-so. This approval was reported in malaysiakini article Sabah RCI opens Pandora's Box

As a democratic nation and not some remote kingdom of the blind, no one in Malaysia has the authority to create instant voters like 3-minutes Maggi Mee but apparently this was done in the 90s when more than 80,000 thousand refugees, mostly of Muslim background became voters. Such a massive operation could not have been undertaken without the approval and connivance of various government departments.

A major crime has been committed against Malaysians as these illegal Sabahans now outnumber the native population. Also the control of the federal government may have been decided by voters of dubious standing. How should Malaysians react to the RCI findings?

It is a complex problem as the 80,000 illegals could have increased to 120,000 citizens with a natural population increase.

For me, the following is necessary before the next general elections:
1.All those illegal voters must be removed from the Electoral Rolls.
2.Those who come forward and sign statements will be granted PR status and their children allowed to attend schools.
3.A 60-day amnesty period is declared under #2.

Those political leaders and heads of various government departments should be charged with various offences such as:

1.Abuse of power
3.Election fraud
4.Undermining national security
5.Conspiracy to subvert the nation

Unless we purge this nation of the criminals involved in this duplicity, Malaysia's sanctity is at risk. Already we may be too late as it is quite possible that many illegals have infiltrated into the PDRM and even the Malaysian Armed Forces. Are we going to tolerate such a state of affairs?