Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nuclear Power Plants....Malaysia can Be One STEP Ahead of Germany.....

Germany is recognised as one nation that is recognised for its advanced technology with products ranging from the famous BMW cars to advanced medical equipment.
But it seems the Germans now realise they have made a mistake with one technology as seen in this report.
For a nation that uses 25% nuclear power to plan a ZERO nuclear policy is a major turnaround.
Malaysia at the moment has ZERO nuclear stations and we should impress upon our top leaders that we do not want a nuclear power plant in Malaysia.
If we are really against nuclear power for Malaysia, we should be prepared to vote against any leaders who want such a dangerous technology for our beloved country.
Malaysia is relatively free from most natural disasters - surely we are not foolish enough to impose a life-time (allbeit shortened)of radiation for our future generations?
Please register to vote out this unnecessary EVIL from your lives.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

BEWARE MUDAH Users! Someone out there want$ YOUR $$$$....

I was clearing out my old house and had some furniture to sell.
So I advertised on Mudah as the adverts are free.
Soon after, someone sent me an email and offered a slight premium on the asking price and also asked me to remove the advert.
I said no and informed him the advert stays until I got paid.
Then he asked me to open a PayPal account and said it was very simple and even gave me the URL in his email.
My first mistake was to use that email link to sign up for PayPal. Now when you sign up for PayPal there is a section where they also ask you to confirm your account by input of credit card details etc. I tried to input that but somehow the transaction failed but the PayPal account was opened. I called up the KL helpline to confirm.
The next email I got was surprising. The buyer said he had paid RM2700 into my Paypal of which RM2200 was for shipping charges and the balance was for the furniture.
I was asked to send RM2200 via Western Union to a guy in London before PayPal would release the balance to me.
So I told him I had never agreed to such an arrangement and refused. He came back and told a sad story that he was a marine engineer somewhere and had no access to banks but his email account.
I still refused and then I received a demand notice supposedly from PayPal demanding the payment or "legal action" would be taken.
I called up PayPal in KL but they confirmed that no payments had been received.
I then forwarded the demand emails to PayPay and they have confirmed it was an attempt at phishing when some tries to steal your identity like credit card details.
In my case I think they also tried to cheat me by paying in advance to gain a future reward.
It is similar to the Nigerian letters where they say you have been named as a beneficiary to X millions and once you get interested, they ask you to forward a few thousand upfront to pay some costs.
That old saying is so true:
"A fool and his money are soon parted".

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Season of MADNESS in 1Malaysia?

Even as we are still horrified by the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, we can categorise the death and destruction happening in the world as belonging into 2 different types - natural disasters and man-made.
For example, the killings in the Middle East and Libya, in particular are man-made; caused by conflict between national elites and their peoples.

Even as workers are dying in Japan after trying to prevent the plants from deteriorating and causing major radioactive fall-out, some Malaysian leaders are still adamant about the two nuclear plants proposed for Malaysia.

In the past week, we have had really idiotic remarks from even Ministers on two issues:
1.the Bibles that are printed in Bahasa
2.the insistence on going ahead with nuclear power

On the Bible issue, they have released the Bibles but with certain conditions and I am glad that the Catholic Bishop Paul Tan has compared the conditions as reminiscent of "Communist rule"

How did we ever accept such laws that enable Islamic leaders in Malaysia to decide that words like "Allah" cannot be used by other faiths that had been using them before? Such a law is evil and contrary to the 1Malaysia spirit that the PM is promoting.

Equally alarming is the adamant stance of the DPM that Malaysia is going ahead to install nuclear power stations.
There's a saying "Those whom the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad".
Looks like the season of madness is upon Malaysia. I daresay these two important issues may tip the balance against the BN in Sarawak and the next GE.
Let us all pray to ALLAH for such a blessing.

photo: thanks to malaysiakini

Say No to Nuclear Power!

I wrote this in July 2006 against nuclear power in Malaysia.
Please check if you can relate to some of the points.
If the DPM is so insistent on this technology, I suggest he should follow the other Minister Peter Chin on a one-month study tour to the stricken nuclear plant in Japan. It is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to cope with problems related to nuclear power.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

JB's RM2bil CIQ - a Good Example of LOUSY DESIGN!

For some obscure reason, half of the road to the main entrance of JB's CIQ near City Square has been blocked off for about 2 months.(Photo is taken from the entrance and you can see the buses queuing along the main road, causing congestion)
There are usually 2 cops under the canopy here but they just stand around and chit-chat.

This is the main walkway from under the main entrance to where bus passengers alight from and board buses. Notice the width is about just a meter wide for a very busy passage. The passage also slopes about 600cm downwards so the the concrete benches after the slope is below the platform. All this ensures that anyone sitting on the benches cannot see a bus approaching until it is just 20meters away. It's simply CHAOS!

Where bus passengers wait for buses and also alight to enter the CIQ complex. Notice where the safety railing ends, the platform space is about 15cm which means only one person can pass at a time. If you are pulling luggage you cannot clear this point and have to shift it sideways. Not only that but the bus gets too close and this is a serious safety concern. Any runaway bus can kill the people sitting on the benches as there is no safety barrier.
According to the signage just before the entrance, the place where the passengers alight is the Emergency Lane and the proper place is supposed to be under the porch that is now blocked off.

A dedicated traffic warden here can help control bus movement. At present, a bus will stop whatever suits the driver's fancy and so there could be empty bays in the front section and the passengers are allowed to get down even 50meters from the entrance. I would enforce more traffic discipline and allow passengers to alight only in the dedicated space.

Overall the new CIQ is not a happy experience for bus passengers.