Wednesday, March 9, 2011

JB's RM2bil CIQ - a Good Example of LOUSY DESIGN!

For some obscure reason, half of the road to the main entrance of JB's CIQ near City Square has been blocked off for about 2 months.(Photo is taken from the entrance and you can see the buses queuing along the main road, causing congestion)
There are usually 2 cops under the canopy here but they just stand around and chit-chat.

This is the main walkway from under the main entrance to where bus passengers alight from and board buses. Notice the width is about just a meter wide for a very busy passage. The passage also slopes about 600cm downwards so the the concrete benches after the slope is below the platform. All this ensures that anyone sitting on the benches cannot see a bus approaching until it is just 20meters away. It's simply CHAOS!

Where bus passengers wait for buses and also alight to enter the CIQ complex. Notice where the safety railing ends, the platform space is about 15cm which means only one person can pass at a time. If you are pulling luggage you cannot clear this point and have to shift it sideways. Not only that but the bus gets too close and this is a serious safety concern. Any runaway bus can kill the people sitting on the benches as there is no safety barrier.
According to the signage just before the entrance, the place where the passengers alight is the Emergency Lane and the proper place is supposed to be under the porch that is now blocked off.

A dedicated traffic warden here can help control bus movement. At present, a bus will stop whatever suits the driver's fancy and so there could be empty bays in the front section and the passengers are allowed to get down even 50meters from the entrance. I would enforce more traffic discipline and allow passengers to alight only in the dedicated space.

Overall the new CIQ is not a happy experience for bus passengers.

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