Thursday, February 17, 2011

malaysiakini and the Mystery of the RM10mil Walkway....

malaysiakini has this story We can build walkway cheaper, says KL mayor in which the latter justifies the decision based on cost comparisons with HongKong and Singapore, two cities that have a higher standard of living.
Here are some details gleaned from the article:
1. The walkway length is 152 meters long but it is not certain if this includes the 10meter mentioned later in the article. It seems that an extra 10meters was added after the project was awarded.

The malaysiakini article quotes:
"Answering to why the initial cost of the project (which was RM7.5 million) and now amounts to RM9.5 million, Ahmad Fuad said an extra 10 metre walkway was added between the two links."

This creates an even bigger mystery.
So the original walkway was 152 meters and cost RM7.5m and they agreed to buy another 10meters for an additional RM2m.
What kind of tender committee makes this type of decision?
Also it is mentioned that there were seven contractors. As there is such a major price difference based on the variation order of RM2mil, were all the contractors offered the same chance to bid for the extra works?

Looks like we got suckered again!

photo: thanks to malaysiakini

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