Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poor Design of Johor Baru's Multi-Million Ringgit Office...

I went to the city's offices to pay assessment today and had a closer look at the new extension that was completed about a year ago.
I would guess the cost of this building at maybe RM20mil and you will see from the photo that the original size of the MBJB's Office is about more than doubled the original size.
The new office to pay bills is well-staffed but I don't understand why they need two guys to tell you which counter to go to and also tell you which queue button to press for the ticket to wait your turn. Definitely one of them is redundant!
In fact if they had proper signs, the queue ticket machine should be at the counter where you get your bill printed and I am sure 95% of us will get it right.
On my way back to the car, I noticed 2 examples of poor design for such a new building.

Near a small flight of steps between the old and new building was this unsightly grey PVC pipe to drain water directly onto the steps. Maybe they want you to wash your feet or shoes before you step into the premises?

Of course MBJB has the usual boast about service etc and ISO Certification.
I guess neither the Datuk Bandar nor the architect used a wheel-chair to evaluate the access to the new block. In fact the old building has a better access for the wheel-chair bound.

If you study the photos carefully, there is a ramp provided - in fact they built the ramp twice going by the different colours.
The white stripe represents the curb between the car-parking level and the office apron level, a height difference of about 100mm or 4 inches. Do you think a person in a wheel-chair can get to the ramp?
As I drove around the building, I noticed that they had incorporated a multi-level car park in the building for MBJB staff. WOW! that must be the ultimate luxury. Next visit I will check out the car park that must have cost rate-payers a few million.
Such an extravagent project that benefits only a few citizens. Now if only they improved public transport in the city, those staff could have parked in a cheap car park within 5km and taken a bus to work.

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