Friday, February 27, 2009

malaysiakini and a DEDICATION to the Cabinet

I just wonder how the Cabinet can make such a decision that has to be rescinded within 24hours as indicated in this malaysiakini article Toll hike for 5 highways on Sunday, but PM may reconsider.
Maybe we should not be surprised if other nations will rename Malaysia as a major tourist destination for government shoes - ie Flip-Flops!

malaysiakini and GURKHAs for PARLIAMENT?

There is a disturbing incident reported in this malaysiakini article 'Cops, security did not help me' about how the wheelchair bound MP Karpal Singh was almost prevented from entering Parliament by angry UMNO Youth members.
Now we know that this group of privileged Malaysians are able to hold demos in public and the police tolerate their antics.
Allowing such a mob to misbehave in Parliament is really unacceptable and the police have failed to provide adequate protection to MPs within the Parliament compound.
There was some excuse that security is provided only within the building but to me this is totally unacceptable and the Speaker should take a more courageous stand rather than pass the buck to the Home Minister.
Maybe we should employ a group of Gurkhas who are fearless when it comes to maintaining security - Singapore also uses them in strategic areas.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

malaysiakini and the NEVER ENDING TOLLS

Maybe it is just part and parcel of the NEP(Never Ending Policies/Parasites) but even in a global recession, we are going to see a further escalation of the highway tolls.
Some months back there was a great fanfare that the toll agreements were to be made public but thus far few MSM have provided any critical analysis of how the tolls affect the cost of living.
So this malaysiakini article headed Toll hike for 5 highways on Sunday is really bad news.
Many Malaysians are already struggling to meet ends meet and the so-called caring government allows such an increase that will surely raise the costs of all goods.
Of course since the barrel of oil is now about US$40, the price of petrol should be reduced by at least another RM0.30 per litre.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

malaysiakini and Another "MALAYSIA BOLEH" SCANDAL

Switzerland is famous for their banking secrecy laws that are now under threat from the USA as that nation struggles with funding its trillion US$ national bail-out.
Based on this article in malaysiakini Lingam tape scandal: 3 files closed it seems that so further action is being taken against those VVIPs who all infamously suffered major memory laspses when they testified at the Royal Inquiry.
I believe that is something equivalent to a "black hole" in the AG's office that sucks up major scandals and sends it to outer space.
Maybe we can export this technology to other nations who want to dispose of unpleasant cases of corruption and the like.
After all, looking at the Altantuuya murder case, it was never satisfactorily explained how the immigration records could be so easily deleted. It seems that someone got the idea to also blow up the physical evidence to wipe out all traces of that unfortunate woman.
Then we have the case of the missing PI who disappeared after two different SDs in two days.
Malaysia Truly Boleh!

a Mischievous Headine from malaysiakini

The Sultan of Selangor has responded to the MB's request for advice on the Elizabeth Wong case.
The malaysiakini article's headline is somewhat dramatic as Nude photos: Sultan hits ball back into MB's court.
To me I believe the Selangor MB wanted to use the opportunity to show that the royalty is capable of playing a role "above politics" and I am sure that the sultan's response is what he expected in the first place.
After all, he has been on the corporate scene for so long and he must be quite a savvy leader.
In a way, it served to mend some fences with the royal family after the unhappy incident in Perak that is still festering.
The sultan's response is politically correct and also shows concern for his subject Elizabeth who has had to face such humiliation from the unwanted intrusion into her private life.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

malaysiakini and Putting OLD WINE in a NEW BOTTLE

Wine experts say this is a bad practice and one cannot expect any improvement in the quality of the wine.
Some malaysiakini readers have this impression of that much publicised new institution to combat corruption ie the MACC(Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) or "Malaysian Agency for Cars and Cows"(described by Lim Kit Siang) as suggested in this article 'A bad start off the blocks for MACC'.
I think most Malaysians are wondering why it has taken so long after the findings of the infamous Lingam tapes were released for the MACC to act. Politicaly incorrect?
So let's not get fooled about putting old wine in a new bottle - the wine remains just as bad.
We probably spent another RM200k for the whole rebranding package for what? Some will suggest it was a face-saver for the PM in his enforced retirement.

Monday, February 23, 2009

malaysiakini and the MAJOR PROBLEMS Malaysians Have to CONFRONT

Just read the news in malaysiakini and one gets a worrying perspective on how Malaysians face a slew of major problems:

Perak tussle: Umno seeks QC's opinion. Where the Perak MBs' problems are being sorted out using QCs instead of simply going back to the people.

Chinese school may suffer from BN-Pakatan feud It seems that schools are faulted if they invite opposition MPs to officiate at school functions even if in on a non-political platform.

Kulim shootout: Full disclosure sought wherein people are getting concerned over the excessive use of firearms to subdue armed criminals. It appears that a pattern of "taking no prisoners" applies when ambushing these elements. So that no witnesses are left to testify?

So this speech by a prominent lawyer who was only recently in the government suggests that my fears are not unfounded. In the speech prominent lawyer Zaid Ibrahim claims Govt institutions are no longer neutral . Maybe that explains the many problems we can witness in society - in other words CORRUPTION is now a major disease that is threatening our beloved nation.
Are you just going to sit quietly and wait your turn to be consumed by the beast? Even you are not directly affected, everyone pays the price so don't think you are doing fine.
Without corruption, all of us would be better off unless you are one of the corruptors yourself.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

malaysiakini and the ONGOING SAGA of the PERAK MBs

It's tough being an MB these days, especially in Perak where there are two claimants to the title.
On one side we have the PAKATAN MB who was forced out of office; on the other is the BN MB who usurped the office with the blessings of the Perak sultan.
It seems that the folks in my state are not happy with the situation where the PAKATAN MB has proved a welcome change to the old scheme of things of the BN.
Nizar was not too popular when he was first selected but he has shown great leadership skills to govern the opposition state.
The issue is now in the courts and it seems the BN MB has now decided to get a QC's advice on how to tackle the legal issues.
Now we all know that engaging or even getting advice from a QC is not cheap. After all UK footballers can easily earn 30,000Pounds Sterling a week.
You can read the details in this malaysiakini article here.
According to the Star, party of lawyers and others are flying to London to consult with the QC and I just wonder who is footing the bill.
Based on the article, at least 3 persons are going to do legal research and consultation.
I wonder who is going to foot the bill?
I am sure the good citizens of Perak do not agree to this expense when they know the answer as who should be their MB.
All they need to do is to mark that "X" on the ballot paper.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

malaysiakini and the ZEAL of the MACC

Malaysians are a forgiving lot or maybe we have very short memories.
It appears with the formation of the MACC, all our past transgressions have been wiped clean and so the newly formed MACC can start with more zeal and gusto.
They now claim that the Menteri Besar of Selangor, who happens to come from the Opposition PAKATAN, can be charged for corrupt practices.
Surprise! Surprise! That's pretty fast work. It looks as if the MACC have made a clean break from our sordid past, with many cases of VVIP complaints pending or dare I say gathering dust in their nice offices?
It is quite unusual for an enforcement agency to publish such information as it subjects the suspect to trial by the media.
You can read the malaysiakini article here.
The redeeming factor for all Malaysians is that the majority now realise that the BN government has corrupted so many public agencies that voters must make a hard decision in the next elections to save the nation from disaster.
We owe that to our children.

Friday, February 20, 2009

malaysiakini and a DEFINITIVE WAY to Settle the PERAK CRISIS

In any democracy worthy of its name, the basic and fundamental rule is "Majority rules", provided the minority are not oppressed.
As we see the ongoing saga of the PERAK government in crisis as a result of "frogs" hopping and a betrayal of the voters' trust, it is not only the state of Perak that suffers but the entire nation as foreign investors and tourists get the perception that Malaysia may not be such a secure place like before.
Imposing emergency rule over an electoral dispute will surely drop the nation's standings by at least another 5 to 10 places.
I think most Malaysians feel that the surest method to determine the legitimacy of the Perak government is to have a snap polls for the whole state and let the Perakians decide who should govern them.
That is the most appopriate expression for a people that believe in liberty and justice.
I suggest that the polling date is held on a weekend and not later than 7 days after nomination day as there is really no need to have a prolonged campaign seeing that the police have to spend a lot on providing security as described in the malaysiakini article.
After all I am sure the voters of Perak are smart enough to decide now who should lead the government.
This way, the crisis in Perak can be resolved within 3 weeks instead of months in the courts. Besides whatever the outcome in the courts, the people's reckoning will be definitely heard in the next general elections.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

malaysiakini and PMs who are IGNORANT of LAWS

Many of our Malaysian PMs were lawyers and the two most notable exceptions are Mahathir and Badawi.
The former is a doctor and the latter a religious scholar. We all know how Mahathir was able to change many laws to suit his agenda and we are living with many of the problems now.
So we have our PM now crying foul and moaning the fact that the Perak Speaker's decision to suspend the duplicate MB and Exco with the charge that They've disrespected sultan's decision.
It seems the BN believes that whatever they do is right and cannot be questioned. Of course, given the present unpopularity and some even say hate, hiding behind the royalty's shield is a convenient tactic.
It appears that when UMNO insults royalty like in Terengganu, it is perfectly OK but when others want to confront legal issues, the battle cry of "sedition" etc rings out loud.
Of course they can probably find some cause to arrest the speaker as under ISA but it would create a major rift in state-federal relations.
Keris rattling by the PM is a sure sign of frustration and does little to solve the problem.

malaysiakini and the CHAOS in Perak - Time for WISDOM from the AUTHORITIES

Things in Perak are getting uglier by the day and the rak'yat really don't deserve the type of political quagmire that the state is in.
After its zenith as a tin-producing state in the 60s, Perak has been in relative decline and lost touch with the more progressive states like Penang, Johor and Selangor.
As if that is bad enough, the state is now paralysed by the continuing saga of the 2 competing MBs as described in this malaysiakini article Crisis looms: Perak MB, 6 excos suspended.
I believe the view of most ordinary folks is that the most equitable manner to settle the issue of who leads Perak is for by-elections to be held for the whole state if not for the the 3 ADUNs who crossed over.
Since the problem is perceived to be caused by the federal leadership, it would be proper for them to start putting the matter right.
Perak seems to be a good example of how things can go awry when the democratic rights of the people are usurped.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

malaysiakini and the MORALITY of POLITICIANS?

Politics is and always has been a dirty game.
It is not an activity for the faint of heart and those who play strictly by the rules of honor and integrity.
Just take the example of the outgoing Prime Minister and you will see that there were many Brutus' who were waiting to stab our own "Julius Caesar" though many will say there is a great difference between Badawi and the great Caesar.
The latest case of Elizabeth Wong has been compared to her being a "rape victim" as headlined in this malaysiakini article The political rape of Elizabeth Wong.
I find the comparison a little far-fetched as a rape victim undergoes severe physical trauma and fear before the crime.
In this case, the discovery of the leaked photos would have been traumatic but I feel the outpouring of support would help a lot.
It would be interesting to see how the various players follow their script and whether she will see justice prevail.
I heard the Home Minister on the TV3 news bulletin and his remarks were not doing the police image any good, making spurious allusions of the "PKR party members" character.
If the police do not do their job professionally, it may well be interpreted as part of a wider conspiracy.
Of course many who are against the PAKATAN say she should resign on the basis of some "moral standards".
My opinion is that she only committed an indiscretion unless the ex-boyfriend is married and she knew about it. If we hold this act against her, I suggest that if all the sins of all our leaders were made public, there would hardly be anyone left in the Cabinet and all the high places in Malaysia.
I believe that our first Malaysian leader, Tunku Abdul Rahman, once remarked that only Dr. Tan Chee Khoon would be left in Parliament if MPs who have sinned had to step down.
I believe that in a more corrupted Malaysia today, there would be no one left if the same question is asked. To me, if an elected MP can fulfill his/her duties properly as an MP or even a Minister, that is the only requirement. From what I read, Eli Wong has been doing a great job as an ADUN and should not resign.
What do you think?

Monday, February 16, 2009

malaysiakini and LOOKING for SOLOMON'S WISDOM in MALAYSIA?

Do you know the story of King Solomon who was considered a wise king in the Bible?
Basically this is the story:
Two women were arguing about the right to claim a baby and the case was brought up before King Solomon.
He declared that the baby should be cut in half to settle the case.
The two women acted differently:
One woman agreed that that was a good solution while the other pleaded with the king -
"Spare my child - I would rather let the other woman keep it than to kill it."
That's woman's sacrifice immediately revealed that she was the real mother.
So how can Solomon's wisdom be applied to the political turmoil that has been caused by the Perak government "turnover" or overturn?

Just look at some of the letters in today's malaysiakini:
Palace should play neutral role in advisory capacity
Criticism in the name of democracy
The rakyat should never be made the loser

These letters are well articulated and with compelling arguments for a democratic Malaysia. It looks as if Solomon's wisdom is present in each and every Malaysian who believes in democracy and the rule of law.
Just remember that "eternal vigilance is the price for liberty" and if you do not pay the price your liberty can be lost.
ALLAH help all Malaysians!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

malaysiakini and SUPPORT for ROYALTY

It is unfortunate that the decision of the Perak sultan has resulted in a "hung" government in that the people's wishes do not coincide with the wish of the sultan for the BN government to rule the state.
In a constitutional monarchical system like Malaysia, each party is required to act according to approved and accepted procedures or otherwise the system breaks down and we have the situation like the one in Perak.
Perhaps it is good that we learn from this lesson now or we could have a similar and more serious situation if it happens at the federal level.
This assurance by PAKATAN as reported in this malaysiakini article 'Pakatan not disrespecting Rulers' gives an assurance that the royal families still have a role to play in our system.

Friday, February 13, 2009

malaysiakini and the DELAYED Won't Change the Results...

You can read the news on the two by-elections in this malaysiakini article Simultaneous by-elections on April 7.
It seems the Election Commission has not changed one iota under the new management - it is still subservient to the wishes of the BN powers that be.
You would have read in the MSM how they dithered for many days over the "questionable" resignation of the PKR rep in Kedah and now suddenly they announce the date for April 7. Curiously this happens just after the UMNO assembly and one wonders why they want to stretch to the maximum 60 days legal limit.
After the "liberty" hijack in Perak it seems the BN has little stomach for any feed-back from the voters now.
I predict the results will be a major loss for the BN in both by-elections.It is just that the BN has failed to "fool all the people, all the time."
Now it is time for electoral retribution.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

malaysiakini and Some UMNO Members with PRINCIPLES

It is good to note that some UMNO members still believe in good principles; unlike many top leaders who are tainted with corruption and power-grabbing.
This is an interesting letter in malaysiakini and the writer appears to belong to UMNO. He finds it Shameful that Umno would stoop this low.
So this is still hope for the party if more of them select leaders with good morals and principles.
Otherwise the next General Elections will see UMNO in Opposition. Maybe only then will the party consider serious reforms?
Meanwhile please take the poll on what you think about the Perak crisis.

malaysiakini on KARPAL SINGH'S Case

I believe many Malaysian's support Karpal's Singh's intention to test the decision-making authority of the Perak sultan to remove the Perak MB without the proper procedures.
malaysiakini has more details here.
If the law allows it, how can asking the court to decide on the matter be "treason" as some demonstrators are claiming. As the former Lord President, the sultan too should be magnanimous enough to see if his judgement and interpretation can pass the test in a court of law.
The police as usual seem to be practising double standards as far as UMNO Youth is concerned. Allowing 300 rowdy demonstrators to protest in busy Kuala Lumpur is hardly conducive to portraying Malaysia as a country that practises the rule of law.
The whole Perak episode indicates that pirates are running the show now - but of course we are more civilised than those hijackers of Somalia.

Monday, February 9, 2009

malaysiakini and PUTTING an END to MONEY POLITICS....

There was a talk show on Bernama on the morning after the BN coup in Perak and one of the speakers was the famous constitutional lawyer Prof. Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi suggested that the constitution should be amended to make party-hopping illegal.
Three major outcome of this major change would be:
1.It will create more stability for both state and federal governments.
2.It will ensure our politicians become more honest with those who voted for them.
3.It will protect the royalty from getting undue influence from powerful politicians and enable them to continue to enjoy the support of their subjects.

I daresay if party-hopping had been illegal, Malaysia could have focussed more on major economic affairs rather than wallow through the mud-slinging contest we have seen since March 2008.
I wonder if the BN coup was planned many months ago and when that guy took the step to cross-over to Pakatan, it was only one of many pre-determined well-orchestrated steps.
Remember how the Perak UMNO chief Tajol Rosli stepped down? That was to pave the way for the big guns in UMNO to get to the Sultan. I don't think TR was heavyweight enough.
Some say Anwar had a taste of his own medicine and now so are even clamouring for action against the Perak MB. This malaysiakini article sure has a strident shrill about it. Rafidah: Take action against Nizar.
To be fair to Nizar, the state assembly should be called in the proper fashion and the vote of confidence tabled.
That would be the proper way to dismiss him if the votes are against the PR government.
I am sure that is what the people of Perak want to witness. Let him be defeated with honour and not deposed like some cheap crook.

As for those who want to change parties, I would suggest they be allowed to do so but the seat is then declared vacant.
Any person who resigns his seat and then seeks re-election within say 2 years must pay a deposit say 10 times what a new contestant pays.
Suppose you are contesting for the first time and the deposit is RM5000. Your opponent is the person who switched parties and is re-contesting on a different ticket - his deposit is RM50,000.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

malaysiakini on the IMBROGLIO in PERAK....

As if the economic problems in Malaysia are sheltered from the global economic meltdown, the BN-led federal government was able to persuade the Sultan of Perak to allow them to take over the government of the state via the back door entry.
No wonder many liberal-minded Malaysians feel that their freedom has been violated and democracy has been dealt a serious injury. Some even feel "sodomised" politically.

I wonder if the dire economic problems was used as a reason to avoid a few million ringgit for another polls or maybe other more pressing reasons were not disclosed?
You should be aware that in Malaysia today, many royal families hold stakes in major companies and since the federal government controls almost everything with their NEP mindset, the public is really not aware how political matters are processed.
In the good old days, royalty was able to sustain themselves but nowadays, the economic power of PUTRAJAYA holds sway. Instead of the public making the final decision through the ballot box, this basic democratic principle has been usurped.

You can find out the meaning of the word "imbroglio" here. I guess the Italian origin could be that at one time of Italian history, Italy was under the control of competing states under powerful princes.
Maybe we should not judge the Sultan too harshly - most readers from malaysiakini do not support his decision - Perakians see 'double' - 2 MBs at work . In his wisdom, perhaps he is giving the BN enough rope to hang itself in the next general elections.
I look forward to that happy event.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

malaysiakini READERS Suggest the SULTAN has ERRED...

Maybe it is all good in the longer term.
As this article in malaysiakini suggests most readers feel 'Your Highness, you've disappointed us'.
I went to the "mamak" shop this morning to buy the NST - no not for the biased news but the Saturday copy has a good number of crosswords and suduko puzzles that I try to solve. The cashier said that the situation was "teruk" and that the most just solution was to let the people decide as we are a democratic nation.
Now even the man in the street knows that our system of administration is not just when legitimate officials can be ousted with such great indignity.
The BN and unfortunately in this case, the ruler did not accord the proper respect to the MB who was duly elected by the people.
The next round in Perak will be truly decisive for a people's victory.
Remember that:
"A government of the people, for the people and by the people shall not perish from this earth."
Only in Allah can we place our trust. All others are mere mortals.

Friday, February 6, 2009

malaysiakini and a DEMOCRATIC NATION in ICU

No the patient is not dead yet but close to it.
I do not feel proud to tell anyone I am from Perak now.
You see they have been pulling more plugs from the life-support system from the ICU and the nation is slowly losing its democratic flavour.
We still have the right to vote in elections but things can get messed up after that.
You know what happened in Perak where the due process of law was not followed but instead the people's choice of government has been usurped by unsavoury means.
You will remember how Joseph Pairin Kitingan was deprived of Sabah's leadership by elected reps being induced to leave his PBS party by the BN-led federal government. That happened in the early 90s. Well a similar take-over has been done - this time in Perak and you can read some comments of malaysiakini readers here.
There is however one major difference between Sabah and Perak.
Sabah's head of state is appointed by the ruling party and thus his tenure is limited and that episode died with the person leaving office.
In the case of Perak, the royal family has been there for hundreds of years and now we are a constitutional monarchy.
Most citizens do not owe their existence or livelihood from the generosity of the royalty compared with the past.
The only link between the royalty and the citizens is the love and respect that citizens have for the rulers. Once that link is broken and you lose the love of your people, being a royalty can become a lonely existence.

Today's NST has an interesting article Sultan, Raja Nazrin quiz assemblymen in which it was reported that

"The sultan wanted to make sure that the independent assemblymen and Nasarudin fully supported BN and would help form a stable state government," a source said.

the article goes on:

"Obviously, the sultan is not taking any chances despite the apparently solid front. This will also be fair as the previous Pakatan Rakyat administration was also required to do the same."

Now if that article is true, one should worry seriously about that patient in the ICU. let us hope more Malaysians will wake up from their apathy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

malaysiakini Breaks the BAD NEWS from PERAK...

Somehow events that have unfolded in Perak remind me of some quotations from MACBETH - I studied that in 1964 but some of the quotes seem pretty relevant.
You can decide for yourself which quote suit which player in Perak.

According to malaysiakini, there will be No dissolution, new gov't to be sworn in and the government can be changed in Perak all under the veil of palace secrecy that somehow does not augur well for Malaysians in the New Millenium.

Back to MacBeth:

Lady MacBeth:"What need we fear who knows it,
when none can call our power
to account?" (Act5, Scene1)

Macbeth:"For mine own good, All causes shall give way: I am in blood
Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o'er". (Act3, Scene 4)

Macbeth: "And that which should accompany old age,
As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends,
I must not look to have; but, in their stead,
Curses, not loud but deep, mouth-honour, breath,
Which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not." (Act5, Scene3)

If you want to look for other quotes, this is a good resource.I am sure Literature experts can suggest other Shakespearean quotes; especially from his tragedies.

malaysiakini SUGGESTS Unity Government? A BAD IDEA!

The way politics has been practised in Malaysia with the BN federal government blocking development funds to opposition states like a poor loser makes this suggestion in malaysiakini untenable.
Sultan agrees to 'unity' gov't led by BN? poses a serious question of where Malaysia is headed as far as democracy is concerned.
I suggest most Malaysians no matter what their political convictions believe that the BN has played a most dishonourable game to try to wrest power in Perak and I believe most Perakians want the state to have another round of elections to give a clearer mandate to whoever is going to from the state government.
The way things have happened we should consider addressing our MPs as "Yang Tidak Berhormat"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

malaysiakini and the INSULT to the PERAK ROYALTY

It is such a insult to the Perak royal family that has just celebrated 25years of Sultan Azlan Shah's rule.
Our elected representatives are allowed to change parties as if they are changing soiled diapers.
How can such a move be condoned by anyone who wants to uphold the principles of a true democracy and representative government?
If I were the ruler I would ban all the "jumping ADUNs" from holding such a public office as they have tarnished the state legislature. I would also call for fresh elections as requested by the MB, who has been doing a good job, apart for some misguided statements about HIV patients.
Just look at the characters of three of the four ADUNs and one can only conclude that their backgrounds should warrant further inspection.
One of them switched sides to PR barely 2 weeks ago and and now he wants to sing the UMNO tune again. You can read the malaysiakini article here
Even if BN wins this round, I predict that this will be their last victory. Come the next elections and the BN will be no more in power at the federal level.

malaysiakini on SNAP POLLS for PERAK

YES! Let the people decide.
That is my opinion as we cannot allow just 2 or 3 elected representatives and the BN-infected Elections Commission to dictate the future or destiny of the Perak state government.
According to this malaysiakini article Pakatan mulls snap polls in Perak.
As an anak Perak it is disappointing to note the games some politicians play; with so many rumours of millions of ringgit being offered.
It is a betrayal of the lowest order when an elected representative switches camps and that works for both sides - it does not matter even the person has a divine revelation.
Of course if no public office is being held the person should be allowed to leave but when one holds a position that has been bestowed by the public based on a prior public declaration like a party ticket, it is wrong to change sides.
I hope the voters in Perak will send this message loud and clear in the snap polls.
If we want politicians to become more honest and develop some integrity that is something we must be prepared to do.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

malaysiakini and the FAILURE to GOVERN.....

I think the political uncertainties in Perak show how immature our politicians are.
Maybe we cannot blame them for we, the voters put them in power.
It all boils down to political corruption where elected reps can be inticed to switch sides once they are elected into power.
Based on the present scheme of things, it is possible for a extremist party member to become converted to a moderate party and vice versa - it all depends on the colour of the notes being offered.
So this article in malaysiakini 'Najib promised RM50mil for defections' may shock many but to some of us it is not really surprising for such an allegation to be made.
As Malaysia does not follow good transparency policies, RM50mil is considered small change when compared to our multi-billion ringgit budgets.
What do I think of the signed but undated letters of resignation? Until we have more politicians with greater integrity, I believe it is a good control mechanism.
The PM could have displayed more statesmanship if he had said:
"We accept anyone from PR joining us in this time of economic crisis but they should first resign from their political parties."
He looked happy on the TV making the announcement but rather than a national leader, he looked more like a used car dealer.

Monday, February 2, 2009

malaysiakini and the POLITICAL INTRIGUES

It is a sad day for Malaysia's democracy when politicians have scant regard for the voters by de-stabilising state governments as the case in Perak.
In this malaysiakini article Perak speaker informs EC of vacant seats two state seats have been declared vacant after the two state assemblymen went missing for a few days and their party leadership had to submit their resignation letters as there were rumours of a crossover to the BN camp.
This is dirty politics and should not be condoned and the BN appears to have much experience at this as what happened in Sabah years ago.
The tactics are the same: there are inducements made or threats issued - ie the carrot and stick approach.
As we seek change in Malaysia, we should not accept this kind of political game as it will only hamper the nation's progress.
If politicians of whatever ilk play this game, we too as responsible voters should also play our cards right. Let us vote out any political party that seems guilty of such political bribery.