Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a Mischievous Headine from malaysiakini

The Sultan of Selangor has responded to the MB's request for advice on the Elizabeth Wong case.
The malaysiakini article's headline is somewhat dramatic as Nude photos: Sultan hits ball back into MB's court.
To me I believe the Selangor MB wanted to use the opportunity to show that the royalty is capable of playing a role "above politics" and I am sure that the sultan's response is what he expected in the first place.
After all, he has been on the corporate scene for so long and he must be quite a savvy leader.
In a way, it served to mend some fences with the royal family after the unhappy incident in Perak that is still festering.
The sultan's response is politically correct and also shows concern for his subject Elizabeth who has had to face such humiliation from the unwanted intrusion into her private life.

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