Wednesday, February 4, 2009

malaysiakini and the INSULT to the PERAK ROYALTY

It is such a insult to the Perak royal family that has just celebrated 25years of Sultan Azlan Shah's rule.
Our elected representatives are allowed to change parties as if they are changing soiled diapers.
How can such a move be condoned by anyone who wants to uphold the principles of a true democracy and representative government?
If I were the ruler I would ban all the "jumping ADUNs" from holding such a public office as they have tarnished the state legislature. I would also call for fresh elections as requested by the MB, who has been doing a good job, apart for some misguided statements about HIV patients.
Just look at the characters of three of the four ADUNs and one can only conclude that their backgrounds should warrant further inspection.
One of them switched sides to PR barely 2 weeks ago and and now he wants to sing the UMNO tune again. You can read the malaysiakini article here
Even if BN wins this round, I predict that this will be their last victory. Come the next elections and the BN will be no more in power at the federal level.

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