Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nuclear Power Plants....Malaysia can Be One STEP Ahead of Germany.....

Germany is recognised as one nation that is recognised for its advanced technology with products ranging from the famous BMW cars to advanced medical equipment.
But it seems the Germans now realise they have made a mistake with one technology as seen in this report.
For a nation that uses 25% nuclear power to plan a ZERO nuclear policy is a major turnaround.
Malaysia at the moment has ZERO nuclear stations and we should impress upon our top leaders that we do not want a nuclear power plant in Malaysia.
If we are really against nuclear power for Malaysia, we should be prepared to vote against any leaders who want such a dangerous technology for our beloved country.
Malaysia is relatively free from most natural disasters - surely we are not foolish enough to impose a life-time (allbeit shortened)of radiation for our future generations?
Please register to vote out this unnecessary EVIL from your lives.

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