Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Death in MACC Custody....A fatal combination of Negligence and Incompetence?

I suggest the guidelines provided by the IPCMC could be applied to the MACC so that all Malaysians will know there is a properly established commission to discipline errant officers.
This latest incident, even if there is no concrete evidence that the Customs guy was murdered or committed suicide, shows that the MACC is negligent or incompetent or both as after the TBH killing, the new HQ should have a functioning CCTV system to cover entry points, corridors, interview rooms, lifts and stairwells.
It is astonishing that it seems these basic security equipment is lacking or not working or switched off.
Everyone watching porn videos during official duties?
malaysiakini's story 'MACC hasn't learnt its lesson'indicates that many feel the MACC is responsible again as in the case of Teoh Beng Hock.
It is possible that members of the powerful syndicate responsible for the loss of billions in underdeclared imports wanted to silence this Customs officer as he could have revealed more details of their operations.
The MACC comes under the PM's Department - I suggest it should directly to Parliament to have a more effective supervision and control.

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Go for your Goals. said...

No equipment in the world can help to establish the good reputation of any institution or personality. The said organization has been revealed in the RCI so many weaknesses had happened. It is beyond any recommendation so long as higher powerful syndicate lingers around.