Friday, April 15, 2011

A WARNING for Parents! Don't Let This Happen to Your Son or Daughter....

This a another tragedy that could have been prevented.
The 3 trainee nurses were killed in a dawn accident in a car driven by the 22-year old driver who must have made an error in judgement. Tragically she was killed in the accident and so were two other passengers.
My warning to parents is please make sure you supervise your child's driving ability after passing the driving test before you allow them to drive independently.
I suggest the driving test should also include an overtaking exercise on a single-lane road. It seems that the accident occurred at a place where the road had an unbroken line - not an ideal place to overtake.
Also cars with auto-transmission are slower to respond to accelerating as compared to a car with manual gear where you can engage a lower gear quickly.

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