Thursday, April 14, 2011

Instead of DESPERATE Moves like 15% tax for Returning Citizens, Better Schools would Help

This article shows why the Talent Corp has an impossible task to achieve.
Land for La Salle school seems to indicate that the government has been very generous to provide 1.3ha of land to build the school.
Now if you read the article, you will note that an existing school of 2000 pupils is being relocated from Brickfields to Sri Petaling.
I would guess that the land value in Brickfields is probably twice that in Sri Petaling and the Brickfields land area is probably larger than the land for the new school.
To cut a long article short, the company that is taking over the Brickfields site should pay for the construction of the new school and not burden the parents more as most are already paying taxes.
Can do for 1Malaysia?

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