Wednesday, March 3, 2010

malaysiakini and the FISH that almost got away....

with CORRUPTION and vested interests.
Some of us have fishing friends who can tell stories of how they missed catching that huge fish or the one that got away.
From this malaysiakini article it seems that tall stories are not limited to just the fishes but also the fish boxes.
Fish-box ruling: 'Will MACC investigate?' the case of the government official who became a director of the company dealing in the fish boxes so that the "quality is assured".
Now that is surely going beyond the scope of any government officer's duty and could be seen as a conflict of interest.
Definitely some taxpayers will feel that the only quality that can be assured is the level of the balance in the officer's bank accounts. Furthermore this is clearly a breach of the civil servant's code of ethics. Did the person get written permission from the authorities?
Of course the fish dealers were not happy and staged a boycott and KUDOs to them for taking such a bold measure on behalf of the consumers.
This is one case that the MACC should investigate for it certainly smells worse than a case of rotting fish.

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