Tuesday, February 23, 2010

malaysiakini and Playing Dirty Politics

There are two articles in malaysiakini that show the federal government is unable and unwilling to treat state administrations with dignity and fairmindedness.
Maybe it shows that the states have given up too much power to the federal authorities and we need to strike a more balanced approach to ensure that the nation progresses no matter who is leading the state governments.
The first article Putrajaya's argument holds no water, says Husam delves into the manner in which the state government under PAS has been deprived of its oil royalties whereas the same royalty has been reinstated for Terrengganu that was regained by the BN.
No government can practise such double standards and be worthy of being entrusted with such an important issue.
The second article Cops zoom in on Guan Eng shows how the Home Ministry is trying to disrupt the state government's operations without proper justification. It seems that reports lodged against opposition leaders are acted upon with much haste whereas all the reports against BN leaders are handled more delicately.
Already the name of PDRM was blackened after the IPCMC and to my mind they have not yet redeemed their honour.
Taking action against the opposition CM is perceived as acting as political lackeys and not the noble protectors of the law.
Malaysia cannot progress unless the PDRM practises policing without prejudice.

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