Tuesday, February 9, 2010

malaysiakini and CRYING for Malaysian JUSTICE?

If anyone had taken a public opinion poll the Perak MB case before the decision was made in the Courts I expect the 90% of the public would have forecast this decision.
Was the decision so clear cut?

Unfortunately for Malaysia, the Executive has been tinkering with all the other important pillars of our government that most do not seem to work properly any more.
Even the IPCMC has been manipulated in that benefits like better pay and living conditions have been granted but the vital element of a public complaint system has been ditched.
So the outrage at the courts decision is not surprising as seen in this malaysiakini article Perak MB - it's Zambry! .
Of course it could all be a Pyrrhic victory....in the final analysis the voters will decide in 2 years who should be governing their state.

One positive outcome to all these problems is that more Malaysians are taking a more active role in politics...

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