Friday, January 29, 2010

malaysiakini and the YOUTH Joint Statement on the ALLAH Problem

It is good that channels of communication still exist between the BN and PR youth wings as described in this malaysiakini article Youth joint statement - 'Better late than never' but as you see the response from most readers is still rather critical.
I suggest this could be the beginning to transform Malaysia for the better. Let's face it...the present leadership in all the parties have too much baggage to forge a national unity government even with all the campaigns about 1Malaysia. Just see how Kelantan has been deprived of the oil royalty dues. I suggest the Kelantan government should sue the federal authorities for the money. How can funds due to a state government be controlled by a federal agency?
The youth of all the political parties can forge more meaningful ties and maybe even unite as a political entity to provide Malaysia an alternative. After all more younger Malaysians may then register to vote in a new style of government.
Let us make a change for Malaysia.

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