Saturday, January 16, 2010

malaysiakini and MOCKING ALLAH by the Malaysian Government

It seems that it is the Malaysian government that is trying to confuse Christians now with the 1Malaysia two BiBles scenario now as so aptly described by malaysiakini readers.
It seems to be a case of contradictions compounding confusion as different leaders put their own version of the final solution to the problem.
I am sure ALLAH is not amused at the way in which his Name has been used to create such disharmony.
I would suggest the following persons would be responsible for most of the problems related to the ALLAH issue:

1.The former Home Minister for imposing such restrictions on the Herald - maybe 40%
2.The present Home Minister for continuing with the ban and encouraging the mosque protests - 30%
3.The Prime Minister for not reining in the Home Minister after he blundered in allowing protests - 20%
4.The IGP for announcing in public that the PDRM could not protect the places of worship - 5%
5.The Muslims who are so easily "confused" about the ALLAH problem - 5%

So Nazri now provides this damage control which is a strange decision as the matter is still under appeal. Is he also tring to tell the Court of Appeal how to decide?
My view is that the Islamic teachers in Malaysia should start faith programs so that more Muslims can stay committed to their religion.
It is a fact that humans of all religions do go through search and questioning episodes at different times of their lives. And the state can do very little to control such discovery of self.

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