Sunday, January 17, 2010

malaysiakini and the ALLAH Problem - ALL Leaders and Followers Should Watch the Movie INVICTUS

Maybe the phrase "Allah problem" is misleading as some people will misconstrue it to mean that there is a problem with Allah when it is really a problem with his followers, both of the Muslim or Christian faiths.
Or it could even be caused by third parties who want to create religious tensions in Malaysia.

Of course any politician worth any salt will deny that the issue has anything to do with politics as one can see from this malaysiakini article Muhyiddin: Gov't to abide to court decision on 'Allah'.
Already many mistakes have been made especially by the authorities and each new edict seems to compound the problem.

I suggest that the PM calls for a meeting with the opposition leaders and agree to a temporary ceasefire untill they all attend a special screening of the movie "INVICTUS" about how Nelson Mandela used the game of rugby to help build unity in South Africa.
It is interesting to see how the African leader was brave enough to overcome obstacles and win popular support.
In a way this movie seems to run in the opposite direction to the sorry ALLAH story in Malaysia. It is quite easy to see how the issue has been worsened with inept political leadership.
I suggest such a screening can also be used to raise some funds to donate to Haiti as Mercy Malaysia is facing funding difficulties to help them.

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