Friday, January 15, 2010

malaysiakini Reports A Good Move by the Government

It is not all bad news from Malaysia with the ALLAH controversy still unresolved.
Certainly this article from malaysaikini is a step in the right direction PM wants 30% non-Malay quota in Royal Military College but I feel there are already too many sceptics of the government's good intentions or otherwise - just read the comments.
For many, it is a question of "Too little, too late" as UMNO's chances of survival in the next elections may have reached the tipping point.
So what more can be done for damage control?

I suggest the PSC and all bodies that control major appointments should be revamped and 30% of such posts in vital decision-making bodies be reserved for prominent Malaysians who are not linked to BN parties. That would be a big step to achieve 1Malaysia.

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